Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Trailer number 4

Music Video
An all-new season of Law & Order: Criminal Intent premieres Sunday, May 1 at 9/8C!

Unfortunately I don't know how to embed from the USA Network page. Why it is so much easier when already someone found the link and I took the shown embed code in the blog entry.

Bev, I think I need another tutorial of you ;o)

You can find the video at the end of the link.

They highlighted the trailer with Robyn's song, Criminal Intent.


  1. Antje, You can usually pick up the embedded code once the LOCI FB page posts the video. This music vid. isn't up yet. I don't know how to get it off the USA site, believe I've tried.

  2. Ah I see. I thought the whole time, where is that damned code. I nearly screamed. All right we have to wait of FB...where I'm not a member ;o)

    Never mind. I was only so excited to get even more of Bobby and Alex. The single clips of the new episodes are looking stunning.

  3. Well, I'm not sure I like this song... This music isn't my cup of tea ! And who is this singer ? I don't know her. Maybe I'm getting old :)

  4. Not a fan of this music, either, but I do think the Robyn we'll see on LOCI was named for her...

    Love the new clips, too!

  5. I like the refrain but that is all. I can't wait until we'll find out about this Robyn mystery.