Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mother's House - Status: COMPLETE

Today I got a new Kickstarter update e-mail. Mother’s House is completed. The DVDs will go out within the next few weeks to backers who chose that tier.

But there are more amazing news about the short film. The producers are now using Without a Box to make submissions to upcoming film festivals.

Here the offers of the world’s largest independent film community.

For Filmmakers & Screenwriters

A worldwide audience for your films

— Discover more than 5,000 festivals across six continents
— Securely submit films, forms, & fees online to 850 festivals
— Promote your films to over 57 Million fans on IMDb
— Upload screenplays, trailers, clips, posters, & photos
— Get the latest on fests, competitions, & exhibition opps
— Self-distribute on DVD, VOD, & streaming video

Only a few days with this portal, Mother’s House has an own IMDb webpage, congratulation. I can’t wait to hear about the first participation in film festivals.


  1. Hope we get to see it, too - I'd love to see it!

  2. Wonderful news. Now just to see it.

  3. I need badly to watch the film. I so hope of a film festival 'close' to Berlin to have Kathryn on a big screen for the first time in my life.

    I cross my fingers for everyone who wants to see the movie that s/he get the chance.