Saturday, May 23, 2015

Kathryn article at A MOVIE COLLECTION

The perfect complement to Vincent D’Onofrio’s character in Law & Order: Criminal Intent (Robert Goren) was his partner in crime (no pun intended) Alexandra Eames, played by the unique Kathryn Erbe. 

She calls herself a “blue collar actor”, but in reality she’s so much more than that. Kathryn began her career as a member of the Steppenwolf Theatre Company and starred in some critical-acclaimed plays, A Streetcar Named Desire and The Grapes of Wrath among them.

I remember watching her in a movie called Rich in Love. It is one of those films featuring some true gifted actors, not exactly “movie stars”: Ethan Hawke, Piper Laurie, Albert Finney and Kathryn herself. It was such a great experience, as Erbe’s portrayal of Lucille Odom displays enough expertise while allows you to take a glimpse of her work ethic. 

However, every great actor finds a way to expand their own horizons by taking the most challenging roles available for them. In some cases, it doesn´t necessarily implies earning millions of dollars or having your name all over the place in showbiz TV shows on a daily basis. Actually, it takes so much more than that.

This is exactly what Kathryn Erbe did in Oz. Shirley Bellinger, a woman in death row, was the perfect character to showcase her skills, and great enough to disturb the audience and got them thinking for a change about the nature of evil and the darkest side of mental illnesses. 

Kathryn Erbe was completely exposed as an actress both physically and emotionally, during every scene of Oz in which she appears. Bellinger is a mother who drowned her own daughter by sinking her car in a river. She's so disconnected from the real world that uses kinky, emotionless sex as the only way to express her feelings. 

The execution scene of Shirley Bellinger shows how great Kathryn Erbe is. No wonder why she stated later in an interview that after this character, she knows how to check out and not be affected by all the stuff she portrays on screen. 

The cold murderer and evil mother beg for forgiveness just seconds before being hanged, but the law was stronger than her survival instincts. The whole sequence is extremely frightening and Kathryn’s performance is raw, wild and perfect. 

Fortunately, we will always have Alexandra Eames, her most memorable character, to remind us that true friendship lasts forever. Kathryn worked very hard and along with Vincent D’Onofrio endured long hours of filming to create such a memorable TV show. Worth the effort, as she embodied a tough and determined detective able to solve the most tricky cases with the help of her brainy partner Robert Goren.

Even if the show never turned into any cheesy comedy à-la Bones to appeal to a wider audience, Kathryn and Vincent are still the perfect TV couple who gave us the best of their talent for almost a decade.

Pretty much as Vincent himself, Kathryn Erbe is a real actress whose passion for what she does goes beyond shallow recognition by the media. She knows exactly where she stands both as a woman and artist... and that’s all that matters.

Friday, May 22, 2015

AZAK is on!

We start tonight! Can't wait to have folks in the sand with us for this gorgeous play!!!

Rattlestick Playwrights Theater and piece by piece productions present
Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, America, Kuwait
Written and Directed by Daniel Talbott
May 21 – June 27
Playing at The Gym at Judson (243 Thompson Street)

Featuring Kathryn ErbeBrian MiskellSeth NumrichChris StackJimi Stanton and Jelena Stupljanin
with Stephen Dexter and Andy Striph

In the not so distant future, two American soldiers wait at a worn-down outpost in the desert. Hot and bright. Hallucinatory hot. The world has been ravaged by war, its natural resources stripped, and it is no longer clear if there is an enemy left to fight or anything left to fight for. They wait. For orders, provisions, a sign of life. For rescue. Even for death. Daniel Talbott’s new play Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, America, Kuwait explores the inhumanity of war and the ways we seek connection in order to survive.

Creative Team:
Written and Directed by Daniel Talbott
Scenic Design Raul Abrego
Costume Design Tristan Raines
Lighting Design Joel Moritz
Sound Design John Zalewski
Projection Design Dave Tennent
Violence & Dance Choreographers UnkleDave’s Fight-House

Performance Schedule:
Monday – Dark
Tuesday 7pm
Wednesday – Dark

ThursdaySunday at 7pm

*No performances on
Tuesday, May 26th
Friday, May 29th
Sunday, May, 31st
Saturday, June 13th

**Added performances on
Monday, May 25th at 7pm
Wednesday, May 27th at 7pm
Sunday, May 24th at 7:30pm
Sunday, June 7th at 5pm

Ticket Information:
Regular Price: $45.00
Student Ticket Price: $10 – available for sale at Rattlestick or the Gym at Judson. Maximum two (2) tickets. Presentation of student ID required.

Run Time TBD
PLEASE NOTE: Performances take place at The Gym at Judson at 243 Thompson Street (at Washington Square South).

No refunds or exchanges. Telephone and internet orders are subject to standard service fees.

Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, America, Kuwait contains strong language, mature subject matter, and nudity, and is not appropriate for those under the age of 14. Please be advised that the production will utilize strobe light. The play takes place in the desert; please note that you will be walking through sand to get to your seat.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

AZAK is starting...


starts previews on Thursday and we can't wait. This play and production are going to be incredible.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

First rehearsal photo of Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, America, Kuwait

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Mother & son in Daniel Talbott's 'Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, America, Kuwait'. Kathryn Erbe and Jimi Stanton.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

On Set of Criminal Intent

Vincent D'Onofrio Archives published many on set photos lately. A few I never saw before.