Saturday, October 29, 2011

Criminal Intent Season 10 in German TV on Monday

See here the first promo I caught. Sigh, I watched too less vox the last weeks. Hopefully there will be more.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

TVRealm: episode 2 x 17 - Happy Halloween

Episode: Episode 2x14: Genre Swap for the [info]tvrealm landcomm.
Ep Summary: Make a Halloween inspired TV fic or graphic.

Fic Title: Transformation?
Fandom: Law & Order: Criminal Intent
Character: Alexandra Eames/Robert Goren
Wordcount: 321
Warning/Spoilers: T
A/N 1: Alex POV
A/N 2: With beta help of gorengal.

This guy was just too crazy. I needed a little break and left the interrogation room.

“You’re mine,” he hissed as I closed the door, and the Captain tried his luck. My throat hurt from the bite but I didn’t want to go home before we got a confession. I slipped into the dimmed observation room and stepped toward Goren behind the one way mirror. In silence we watched Ross using all his tricks with Chernowitz. The suspect was even taller than my partner but very slim. I could feel every bone as he’d caught me in his embrace and had dug his sharpened teeth into my neck. Wearing only black to his pale skin, the unwashed hair and with the black eye he really looked like death.

“How are you feeling?” Bobby tried to ask. But it was hard to get through to me. Chernowitz’s cold blue eyes fixed me and didn’t let me escape although in fact he couldn’t see me through the window. In the end Bobby’s warm fingertips at the back of my hand broke me away from this impenetrable gaze. I looked up and saw sorrow in the warm brown eyes of my partner. He was again so close and I felt safe. Bobby was the one who had freed me out of the grip of Chernowitz. It had been his strong chest I could lean again and taking a liberating breath. My nostrils quivered. I smelled once again Bobby’s masculine scent. It was more overwhelming than ever before. How would it be to bury my nose in the soft crook of his neck? Would I fade into his unique odor?
There was still my blood on his shirt…blood…blood…red…life. It pulsated through Bobby’s vessels and veins. Under his collar, his pulse, red swollen lips. Each of my senses was sharp as a knife. I was so thirsty, thirsty for him…

…God these pain killers were amazing.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

I love you

See what cool .gif I found on tumblr yesterday:

So freaking cute. It looks like she’s saying I love you.

Source: ilylovelynerd

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Dirty Laundry

My great beta gorengal installed at the LJ a Law & Order Universe Fandom Newsletter called lando-daily. It's great to be updated. With the current newsletter she pointed on two more pictures of Kathryn at the Playwrights Horizons night.

All pictures of the event by Jeff Prout. Sources: and

Wow, take a look! Kathryn is again showing her gorgeous legs.

Friday, October 21, 2011

TVRealm: episode 2 x 14 - Genre Swap

Episode: Episode 2x14: Genre Swap for the tvrealm landcomm.
Ep Summary: Swap the genre of any tv show through writing or graphics.

Heal & Caring: Medical Intent

The Saint James Hospital at One Patient Plaza is the work and love place of the doctors and nurses of Medical Intent. Dr. Daniel Ross is the hospital administrator of St. Jimmy‘s. He has his hands full to coordinate all the different personalities. But he always finds the time to date the Chief of Medicine, Prof. Elizabeth Rodgers.
There is Dr. Michael Logan, the pediatrician at St. Jimmy’s. He is a famous physician with a keen sense of his little patients. His only guilty pleasures are women. He can’t stop flirting and seducing the female employees of the hospital. Megan Wheeler is a second-year resident at the emergency room. She works closely with Dr. Carver, the senior physician and head of the ER department, who is also a forensic expert. Carolyn Barek is the capable head nurse, but her new student nurse Nola Falacci is driving her crazy. So crazy she needs the psychiatric help of Dr. Paula Gyson. When something goes wrong and people die, Dr. William Hannah is looking for the cause of death. He is the medical examiner at St. James.
Dr. Alexandra Eames is the heart surgeon at St. Jimmy’s. She is the star of the surgical ward and the only woman at the hospital who could deny Mike’s pick-up lines. She would never admit it, but the medical genius Robert Goren stole her heart and even with her big knowledge about every little heart detail Alex doesn’t know how to heal her own pain. Bobby is the hospital all-rounder. He can do it all: ophthalmology, gynecology, medical research and nursing. He also tries in periodic sessions to steal Paula’s job and in his free time he drives an ambulance.
Medical Intent is all about the healing of sick people…nah, not really. It’s a show only about the relationships of doctors and nurses.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

STORIES ON 5 STORIES: Dirty Laundry: "Chat"

Playwrights Horizons published 26 photos of their ONE-NIGHT-ONLY EVENT: STORIES ON 5 STORIES: Dirty Laundry.

See here the three pictures with Kathryn. She played in 'Chat' written by Tanya Barfield, directed by May Adrales.

Actress Parker Posey, PH Artistic Director Tim Sanford, PH Board Chair Judith O. Rubin, and actress Kathryn Erbe at the Stories on 5 Stores after party

Event guest [I think it's Erica Hampson] and actress Kathryn Erbe.

Kathryn Erbe and Leland Gantt perform in Tanya Barfield's play "Chat," directed by May Adrales.

What a beautiful necklace. This sweater looks also really cool and I like that her hair is getting darker again.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sunny Side Up - USA release April 2012

Unfortunately even after the World Premiere at October 15, I found not much new information about Sunny Side Up.

Here is a 7 months old note of Derek Purvis about the US release:
Saint Aire Productions is a U.S. based Film Finance and Production Company of commercial Independent Films and International Television Content. With over 35 years of combined experience in various components of the film industry, Saint Aire applies a streamlined, market savvy approach to its projects, maximizing production value, revenue’s and ROI timelines. Saint Aire's latest film "SUNNY SIDE UP" starring Parker Posey (Directed by Derek Purvis) has achieved worldwide distribution w/ an April 2012 USA release date. Currently, Saint Aire is facilitating the financing of a 3-Picture State (Sequent Films) - Financing and Producing 2 Disney Features in partnership with Balance Pictures and Rich Correll (creator of Hanna Montana) - Saint Aire has several other titles in various stages of development.
But Kathryn’s movie won the Audience Award at JAX Film Fest: CONGRATULATION.
Moviegoers gave the Audience Award to Christy Cashman's New Age comedy, "Sunny Side Up," starring Cashman and Parker Posey. Cashman, who helped produce "The Kids Are All Right," was in town for the festival, and spoke at the Women in Filmmaking event Sunday.
Plus published a longer synopsis.
Millie Bartlett farms organic chickens on an island off the coast of Maine that has been in her family for generations. Angelica Feelgoode is an energy and fitness guru to the 'stars'. Millie and Angelica, strangers whose lives could not be more different, meet under improbable circumstances and need each other more than they know.

Millie’s life begins to fall apart when she realizes that she may lose her island unless her chickens can make enough money to pay the taxes. To make matters worse, her marriage is on the rocks after should found her husband wearing her underwear. She is unhappy with everything and blames her troubles on everyone else. Angelica’s star appeal is beginning to fade and her producer has made it clear that unless she can appeal to middle America, her guru days are numbered.

Their journey begins at an Inn where Millie has taken her two sons to break the news that their Dad is leaving home. Angelica, at the Inn to promote her book and TV lifestyle makeover show, spies Millie in a crowd and decides that she is the perfect imperfect person to rescue her career.

The problem is that Millie has no interest in going on TV or in getting a 'lifestyle makeover.' Her best friend Cora [Kathryn Erbe], however, wants to be on TV desperately and convinces her that this is the only way to save her home, her family and herself. For Millie and Angelica, the road ahead is full of surprises when Angelica moves to Chicken Island for 3 weeks to work with her newest 'client'.
Let's cross our fingers that the movie release will really be April next year and that there will be a few more film festivals before. Last week I tried to contact the producers again. Now the mail address didn't work anymore.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Venom my dear NYC and Kathryn connection

With thank to [© Terrence Jennings / Retna, Lt] and my friend venom at Unofficially Kathryn I can show you a few more pictures of Kathryn, her both children and also their two dogs during the 'Get Your Licks on Route 66' event of late September.

Venom was able to talk again with Kathryn (sigh, I'm so happy for him but I also want a chance of this pleasure. Here an extract of their conversation.
...She asked how I was doing, and I asked how it was going there and what she was working on, but to which she said nothing just yet. I suggested Lilah get a show and she said "Yeah, that'd be great, wouldn't it?"
I hope we'll hear very soon about new projects of Kathryn and Lilah [maybe she isn't allow to say something but already negotiating]. Of course, tonight is this ONE NIGHT EVENT: Playwrights Horizons - Dirty Laundry. Also try to catch one of the Mother's House Film Festival screenings. Had been one of you at Jacksonville and watched Sunny Side Up?

P.S. If you didn't already catch it on YT. Here is Kathryn's Message to the Unofficially Kathryn Members made by venom on set of Criminal Intent.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Mother's House at Lucerne

Friday, 21. October 2011, 16:00 - 18:00

I'm so glad that Davis, Ingrid and their team where able to install German subtitles in time so they can join for the award section.

Genres: Drama/Thriller
Directed by: Davis Hall
Sprache/Untertitel - Language/Subtitles: EN/D (ger)
Premierestatus: European

Mother's House Trailer German Subtitles

Während sie das ländliche Haus seiner verstorbenen Mutter ausräumen, entdecken Thomas und seine Frau Catherine zunehmend beunruhigende Geheimnisse bis der Konflikt zwischen Erinnerung und Wahrheit droht, sie beide zu zerstören.

While emptying his late mother's rural home, Thomas and his wife, Catherine, discover increasingly disturbing secrets until the conflict between memory and truth threatens to destroy them both.

28 min, USA, 2011

Tickets bestellen/Buy Tickets

Location: Palace 1

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Guys 20 in 20 - Round 24

Joshua Jackson for round 22 of [info]guys20in20.

With the texture and tuto/psd help of: [info]tiger_tyger, [info]shoqolad, [info]dirrtylady, Hellyeahpsds, [info]azuremonkey @ [info]thefixedfoot.

Maybe you remember my history 20 in 20 entry for round four. I compared Vincent D'Onofrio's beautiful hands with Orson Welles'. Now I found a picture of Joshua looking much like Orson. See here the three Orsons.


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