Friday, October 21, 2011

TVRealm: episode 2 x 14 - Genre Swap

Episode: Episode 2x14: Genre Swap for the tvrealm landcomm.
Ep Summary: Swap the genre of any tv show through writing or graphics.

Heal & Caring: Medical Intent

The Saint James Hospital at One Patient Plaza is the work and love place of the doctors and nurses of Medical Intent. Dr. Daniel Ross is the hospital administrator of St. Jimmy‘s. He has his hands full to coordinate all the different personalities. But he always finds the time to date the Chief of Medicine, Prof. Elizabeth Rodgers.
There is Dr. Michael Logan, the pediatrician at St. Jimmy’s. He is a famous physician with a keen sense of his little patients. His only guilty pleasures are women. He can’t stop flirting and seducing the female employees of the hospital. Megan Wheeler is a second-year resident at the emergency room. She works closely with Dr. Carver, the senior physician and head of the ER department, who is also a forensic expert. Carolyn Barek is the capable head nurse, but her new student nurse Nola Falacci is driving her crazy. So crazy she needs the psychiatric help of Dr. Paula Gyson. When something goes wrong and people die, Dr. William Hannah is looking for the cause of death. He is the medical examiner at St. James.
Dr. Alexandra Eames is the heart surgeon at St. Jimmy’s. She is the star of the surgical ward and the only woman at the hospital who could deny Mike’s pick-up lines. She would never admit it, but the medical genius Robert Goren stole her heart and even with her big knowledge about every little heart detail Alex doesn’t know how to heal her own pain. Bobby is the hospital all-rounder. He can do it all: ophthalmology, gynecology, medical research and nursing. He also tries in periodic sessions to steal Paula’s job and in his free time he drives an ambulance.
Medical Intent is all about the healing of sick people…nah, not really. It’s a show only about the relationships of doctors and nurses.


  1. Very cool! I wouldn't mind having Dr. Goren as my OBG/YN. ;)

  2. LOL but he needs to be very good to replace my wonderful ophthalmologist Dr. Marchlewitz.

  3. I would hate having Dr. Goren as my Dr! I have other plans for him... Great story - I'm still laughing!