Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sunny Side Up – World Premiere

Untapdtreasure found this cool picture of Kathryn as Cora made by Jennifer Traub the Make-Up artist of Sunny Side Up. I made a quick google check for the Kathryn movie she filmed last year.

You can watch the Sunny Side Up World Premiere next week at the 9th Annual Jacksonville Film Festival [Jax Film Fest].

Starring: Parker Posey, Christy Scott Cashman, Kathryn Erbe, Jay Harrington

Saturday, October 15 | 6PM | The Florida Theatre

5:30PM Red Carpet
6:00PM Screening and Q&A with director Christy Cashman and star.


MILLIE BARTLETT loves her chickens almost as much as her husband. Millie, a chicken farmer in financial straits, agrees to be on a reality show hosted by ANGELICA LOVECRAFT, a New Age fitness guru. Her show, Cut The Crap, is an East meets West blending of Zen & Capitalism where Angelica identifies, isolates and eliminates the crap in people’s lives. Millie thinks she’s found the solution to all her problems. But when Angelica suggests that her husband, AL, may be a piece of the crap she should jettison, a clash of opposites ensues and Millie realizes she’s let a wolf into the henhouse!

click here For more details on the film


  1. Cute!

    Judging from the jean jacket and the rhinestones, I'm assuming her character also lives in the countryside?

  2. Yeah, I think so, too. The HillyBilly stile is too funny ;o)