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The last hours...

...and I’m already exhausted.

I added a few new articles at my CI Season 10 tab.

Cynthia Nixon will be guest star in the Spider Man Musical episode, called Icarus.

On TV Squad you can read a very short article about Rispetto but there are a few amazing on set pictures. I added the one with Kathryn into my picture gallery.

I read on twitter and facebook that Vincent will tweet during Rispetto and asked all of our questions. When you already have something in mind go to twitter and send your good wishes and question #askvincent.

oz100 - Round2 - ABC

Here is my entry for [info]oz100 - Round2.

I picked up Shirley for 26 icons - theme ABC

AlphabetBad Hair DayCandleDisappointed
Inside-outJuristKissLove Letter
MakeupNumberOut of CharacterPrick

Kathryn Erbe takes you behind the scenes

Law & Order: Criminal Intent's Kathryn Erbe goes behind the scenes the episode Rispetto.

Thanks to the computer genie behind for being able to show the clip here.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Behind the scenes with Kathryn and Prize Packs

Law & Order: Criminal Intent's Kathryn Erbe goes behind the scenes the episode Rispetto.

Follow the link to TV Guide to watch the clip.

Increase your chance to win a CI prize pack and enter more than one contest. Went to the single provider and take a look at the specific rules.

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Interview: "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" Executive Producer Chris Brancato

04/29/11 - 12:03 AM
By Jim Halterman (TFC)
At The Futon Critic

It was a dose of good news for "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" fans late last year when it was announced that original cast members Vincent D'Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe were returning to the long-running series after departing the year before. However, the good news came accompanied by a dark cloud as it was also announced that this 10th season would be the show's last. After the abrupt cancellation last year of mothership "Law & Order," the crystal lining is that at least the execs at the USA Network, where "Criminal Intent has been housed since 2007, granted the show a chance to properly wrap up the acclaimed crime drama. Enter Executive Producer Chris Brancato, who was freed up from consulting duties on FOX's now-delayed series "Terra Nova," and took over the "Criminal Intent" showrunner reigns.

In between shooting in New York City, Brancato took a break to talk with our Jim Halterman about this final crop of episodes and the new focus on D'Onofrio's Detective Robert Goren. While this season will feature the usual cavalcade of guest stars like Jay Mohr, Julia Ormand, Steven Weber, Julie White, Neal McDonough and Geri Ryan, Brancato also teased this Sunday's season premiere inspired by the real life troubles of actor Charlie Sheen as well as the upcoming episode modeled after the drama of Broadway's "Spider-Man: The Musical."

Jim Halterman: There was some shuffling around of episodes so the first episode back is actually not the one that explains the return of D'Onofrio's Goren and Erbe's Eames, right?

Chris Brancato: Actually, [the network] took our episode four, which is our 'Charlie Sheen episode,' and they decided it was so timely so they decided to put that as the first episode that will air on Sunday night. It's called 'Rispetto.' A writer came to me with the notion of doing a study of the collateral damage that occurs when a Charlie Sheen-like person exists. Of course, there are multiple people around Charlie Sheen that have reasons to try to protect him if, for instance, he was accused of a murder because they make so much money from him. From the President of the studio that makes 'Two and a Half Men' to the creator of the show, etc. But, for our purposes for 'Criminal Intent,' we decided to set the character in the world of New York Fashion, kind of like [designer] Michael Kors. I should point out that it's a very, very good episode and one that will leave many diehard viewers wondering 'How'd [Goren and Eames] come back?' and now that is our episode two, 'The Consoler.' You'll be asking 'Why are they back?' and then episode two will answer how and why they've come back. It was my goal to not make a big deal about it. I didn't want to start with them staring at each other across the squad room saying 'I've missed you' and hug. It's not what we do on 'Law & Order' so I actually started three weeks into their return on a major case and then, yes, in episode two we explain the circumstances of that return.

JH: Can you talk about shaping this season and if you approached it differently because it is presumably the final one?

CB: I felt like there needed to be some sort of organizing principle or umbrella under which to kind of filter the shows; to act as a determinant as to whether the show was right for this batch or not right. Obviously this show has done many, many episodes and lived many years at NBC, which is a broadcast network, and when you're doing 22 episodes you have a very wide latitude to cover every corner of the city. Now, with a more limited number of episodes on a cable network that, first of all, bills itself as 'Characters Welcome' what Dick [Wolf, Executive Producer and creator] and I decided was to organize these episodes around a basic umbrella concept. Greed is a motivator in many of the crimes you see on television but we wanted to make this batch have a kind of organizing principle, an exploration of love gone wrong. That act fits many different scenarios. Sometimes it's romance and love goes wrong. Sometimes it's the love for one male friend for another [and] sometimes it's the love of a daughter for a father or one family for another. In other words, ultimately what you'll find is an exploration in these eight episodes of where and why love went awry. For me, that allowed me to have some 'fusion' or organizing principle for the show.

JH: How has it been for Kathryn and Vincent to be back in these familiar characters and environment?

CB: When they came back to do these episodes, I remember Katie said, 'You know, I spoke to Vincent a few days ago and we're really excited to come back and do this. It's been tougher than we thought to leave the show and leave the crew...we feel this sense of excitement." I'm a big believer in that if you can harness how the actors are really feeling and make that sort of a little bit part of the fiction you're creating it often serves the fiction quite well.

JH: All of the 'Law & Order' series are careful about delving too often into the personal lives of our regular characters yet we're going to spend quite a bit of time on Goren's life. How did that decision come about?

CB: Dick wanted Goren to essentially be shrunk and to have to go under some psychiatric counseling and it was a condition of his return to the major case squad that he had seven police-mandated shrink sessions with an outside specialist that is hired. So this season features Julia Ormand playing the shrink and we're going to have an arc that is essentially Goren getting interrogated over the course of seven episodes with the on-the-nose purpose of determining his fitness as a case detective but at the same time, a plumbing of what makes him tick and hopefully leave us with some kind of sense of a conclusion in terms of his mental health and well-being. At first, I was skeptical about the notion partially because 'The Sopranos' used a shrink to create effect, as have other shows, including the original 'Law & Order.' We ended up hiring Warren Leight, former show runner of this show but also show runner of 'In Treatment,' to write that shrink-arc because he really specializes in this kind of thing. And as I sat there just a few weeks ago watching Vincent D'Onofrio and Julia Ormand do these scenes my skepticism just vanished immediately.

JH: Did the fact that you were exploring Goren's character make you want to perhaps do the same with Eames?

CB: First of all, I completely agree with that sentiment which is to say this - in some people's minds the show can be looked at as 'this is a Vincent D'Onofrio vehicle' because you can get in the mindset that over here is Sherlock Holmes and over here is Watson and the movie is called 'Sherlock Holmes,' not 'Sherlock and Watson.' That said, there is no doubt in my mind, and I would guarantee that Vincent would agree 1000%, that this show is a two-hander meaning. It's about two detectives and it's about their relationship and Bobby Goren wouldn't be the character we've come to love without Eames, no way. There are very few actresses that could pull off what Katie does. We like to joke about it and I don't mean to undersell it but somebody has to carry the water in a procedural. They have to recount the information that the detectives have observed or sussed out or come out with a stream of facts that you just learned getting off the phone. Though it would seem to be the simplest thing in the world to regurgitate information there's almost nobody who can do it and make it interesting and make it feel completely organic to the scene. Katie is a master at not only doing that [but] nobody delivers a little bit of attitude better than her.

JH: The episode focusing on the controversial Broadway musical 'Spider-Man' is also getting the 'Criminal Intent' treatment. Can you talk about how you approached that topic?

CB: We're doing a version of 'Spider-Man: The Musical' where the rigging breaks and it turns out to be murder. Our version, since we can't obviously use 'Spider-Man,' which is a trademark property, is 'Icarus: The Rock Musical.' We're not involved in this insanely complicated computerized rigging mechanism much but I'm only getting a taste of what poor Julie Taymor and all these people have to go through because we're going to do a wire rigged stunt. It's insanely complicated to pull off even though we're just dropping the guy from the ceiling to the floor. [Laughs.]

JH: So, let's say these episodes do really well. Is there a chance 'Criminal Intent' could come back for another season?

CB: I think we all probably know that Dick Wolf never says never. I know the show and my interaction with him was phenomenal. He cares so deeply and he is engaged in the show in a way that you might not expect somebody who is so successful and been doing it for so long. He loves it! This is his baby, of sorts. Yeah, I think if viewers are enthused about Vincent and Katie coming back I don't see why it has to be the final season.

"Law & Order: Criminal Intent" premieres its 10th season this Sunday at 9:00/8:00c on USA.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Three more days left

I’m happy, really really happy. Criminal Intent is getting even closer. Unbelievable, only Friday, Saturday, Sunday…
…I hope I’ll have Rispetto Monday to enjoy.

More advance photos of Rispetto on facebook. I love Alex's combination of blouse and slip over.

There are three more articles about the show. Finally we can read also a few statements of Kathryn. She was really quiet in the whole promotion to season 10. But who could blame her after all the bad experiences of the past?

…It was just Goldblum and Burrows in the ninth year, and now Erbe says she and D'Onofrio are "so excited to be back. I was devastated to be let go. I love the character, I love the job, and I love all the people I get to work with every day. We have an amazing crew, 95 percent of whom waited to come back to do these eight episodes with us, out of incredible loyalty. And the fans have been so amazingly supportive, it just feels good all around."

Also a veteran of movies ("What About Bob?") and theater ("The Speed of Darkness"), Erbe adds that had D'Onofrio not agreed to return for the swan song of "Criminal Intent," she still would have been up for it.

"As a working mom, I need a job, and this is one that I know. As a woman in this business, it is not easy to have your life respected, and these people are incredibly supportive of my being a family person. They do their best to help me achieve that, and I don't know where else I would find that.

"Vincent and I have such a history, we really get along well. We have a shortcut to everything we do; we really don't even have to talk about stuff anymore. We just look at each other and know exactly what we need to do in certain situations, in terms of what might need to be punched up in a scene and how to handle it. It is such an amazing feeling to have worked with him for essentially 10 years and for us to know each other so well."…

…Goren and Eames still will be seen in "Criminal Intent" repeats, some of which make up entire programming days on USA, but Erbe will picture their lives continuing. "I am choosing not to believe that this is the end of these characters," she says. "Whether they come back on another 'Law & Order' or in some other capacity, I feel they have given so many people so much enjoyment, I can't really think about it in any other terms."…

There were again a lot of fans on set [The Last Street in Manhattan] and a few shared their pictures of Kathryn and Vincent: ENJOY.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I think you know my friend T’Jara and her addiction to Burberry [Read: Burberry is everywhere]. Yes, she infected me slightly and over the long Berlin winter I saw so many people with familiar scarves.

Bobby has that nice Burberry coat and also Megan wore the brand. Even Claire Savigny of Paris, enquĂȘtes criminelles has a Burberry coat. Unfortunately I can’t show you a picture. My digital ZDF copy is horrible.

But we never saw Alex in Burberry.

Thanks so much untapdtreasure for using Renewal as current alexeames_still icon challenge. First I thought, oh no. Not again Renewal. I made so many icons of Alex sitting at the desks. But that is not the only scene with her in the Megan & Mike episode.

There is that jump over the restaurant counter. And what flashed when you click cap by cap?

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Moelleux au Chocolat for dessert

Thanks so much Cara Bara to help me with my little story.

Title: Moelleux au Chocolat for dessert
Flavour: Criminal Intent
Characters: Alexandra Eames/Robert Goren
Rating: M/NC-17
Prompt (naughty): blindfold
Prompt (nice): first kiss
Word Count: around 6100
Synopsis: The fight against the system to bring back Bobby to Major Case Squad committed into new feelings of old partners.
  • Pre season 10.
  • I wrote down the first thought/image/flash/scenario I had as I heard about Vincent’s coming back to Criminal Intent and combined it with the Valentine's Day Fanfic-a-thon of the LJ [info]ci_fans_unite community.
  • Please read it like all the 2 to 5 first minutes of every CI episode before the opening credits, the sequences of murderer, victims and their relationship.
  • Moelleux au Chocolat. Try it. It’s a sin but worth.

Read my current fanfiction on or at my LJ.

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Countdown to Criminal Intent - Season 10

Only one more week!
What is it like getting to work with Kathryn again?

Vincent D'Onofrio:
She's great. She's great. We work very well together and I'm in my dressing room but in the studio right now we've been working together since this morning and just truly at ease with each other, been doing it for a very long time. I knew her before we started doing the show together. I couldn't imagine anybody else playing that part. And it just works. It just works, hands down. It works. It never fails.

Read the whole interview with Dick Wolf and Vincent on


'Law & Order: CI' To Do Episode Inspired By Botched 'Spider-Man' Musical
By NELLIE ANDREEVA | Saturday April 23, 2011 @ 3:43pm PD on

What if one of the many incidents of actors getting injured on Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark had a tragic outcome? Law & Order: Criminal Intent will explore such a scenario in an upcoming episode clearly inspired by the debacle that the Spider-Man musical had become, TVLine reports. In the fictional version, the splashy musical is titled Icarus, from a high-strung director and a secretly bisexual rock-star composer. This is the latest episode of the Law & Order franchise featuring ripped-from-the-headlines stories this season. CI is also doing an episode starring Jay Mohr as a Charlie Sheen-like character, and Law & Order: LA is doing an episode inspired by the murder of Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen.

A second article of Michael Ausiello and Andy Patrick to the same theme can be read here: Exclusive: Troubled Spider-Man Musical Gets the Law & Order Treatment — With a Killer Twist

Happy Birthday, Quietfire

Have a great day my friend. I hope you'll be with friend and family.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

One more week...

...and so much more news about Criminal Intent.

1) 4 Sneak Peeks of Rispetto found on spoilertv
2) More prize packs to win
3) Interviews with Vincent (&Dick Wolf)
4) On set pictures of Cadaver posted on EinsteinMed

1) Risepetto - 4 Sneak Peeks

2) Criminal Intent Prize Packs: (with a Law & Order: Criminal Intent black nylon cinch sack, a Law & Order: Criminal Intent hat, a Goren Limited Edition T-Shirt, a Law & Order: Criminal Intent Season 4 DVD, and a Law & Order: Criminal Intent Season 5 DVD)

  • For US and Canada: pazsaz end of the contest May, 18th
  • Facebook end of the contest May, 2nd

Good luck when you participate.

3) Four interviews with Vincent.

4) On set of Einstein Collage plus one

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10 x 1 (eh'hem 10 x 4) RISPETTO

USA Network promo for Law & Order Criminal Intent "Rispetto"...where is the ORDER when we need it???

Yesterday night started amazing. I could add a few questions via twitter to Vincent and Dick Wolf and the interview with StarryMag. I'm looking forward the answers ;o) I was in a very good mood.

Then All Things Law & Order published that Rispetto would be the season opener for Criminal Intent, airing May 1st and I got a little frightened. They filmed that ripped from the headlines - Charlie Sheen thing as number four. WTF? I want the reunion of Bobby and Alex in the Major Case Squad as first scene. I want the introducing of Captain Hannah. I want the right order.

As I went to bed around 1 am it was official. The promo clip for Rispetto was out. All my tiny hopes they would bring back the episodes in the right order died.

From happy excitement of the new Criminal Intent season to OMG, what are they doing? in less than five hours.

Let's hope they speculate of good quotes with that episode but then stay with the right order.

95 Icons

95 Icons made for different icon challenges ([info]alexeames_still, [info]goreneamesstill, [info]locistills, [info]character_itest and [info]shipper_itest) and for my own pleasure.

All star summer press:
Elizabeth Rodgers:
S7 Promo:
False-Hearted Judges:
Brother’s Keeper:
Required Image:
The Saint:
Vanishing Act:
Shipper iTest [b&w with a tiny color splash]:
Character iTest [coloration]:
Shirley + Simon (request by trillingstar, don't snag):