Friday, April 8, 2011

Promo Pictures

I know you all saw the new promo pictures of Criminal Intent, but I need to show them, too. I really love the batch and added all ten pictures at my CI – Season 10 section.

Bobby and Alex/Vincent and Kathryn looking fresh and powerful. They are ready to solve more crime. The mirroring is a nice idea. Wow, so reflecting shoes. To show Bobby with and without tie is a nice detail. My first thought as I saw the broken glass photo: wow, Bobby is studying the case/details but Alex’s eyes rest on him…


Photos by: Marco Grob/USA Network © NBCUniversal, Inc. posted on All Things Law and Order.

I’m really excited what we’ll get in season ten. Will CI move back to their first years? Bobby is the center of everything. He solves the crime and Alex is helping but never the mainspring? Or will we get more personal driven storylines interwoven with a current case?

It would be really nice to have at least one ‘Alex’ episode to extend the Eames Trilogy [Blind Spot, Amends, Lady’s Man]. It must not be big drama. We had enough in the last seasons. But maybe there is a case which creates emotions and shows us the human behind the detective like The Third Horseman did. In one casting call and character description I read something about a woman who knows Alex from her time in VICE. I’m in a positive mood. It would be so happy to get a few more vita details of my lovely Eames.


  1. I'm with you. Not too much drama.
    Bring back the LOCI that we fell in love with.
    Gosh, I think Alex looks so great in that black leather coat. It's so snug and she wears it so well.

  2. You read on my mind because I wondered the same things. I noticed her eyes on him too. I'm so impatient! ^_^

  3. Yes, more Alex background please!

  4. Alex's Dad, what a great thought. We only have to wait a few more weeks until we find out what will come ;o)

    I'm counting the days.