Friday, November 25, 2011

Being Thankful

Here in Germany we don't celebrate Thanksgiving, but I wish all my US friends a wonderful long four days weekend. Even I got a gift yesterday. See what Ingrid Price sent me. I thank her and the whole Mother's House crew very very much for the movie DVD [with German subtitles: jippy]. I am really happy that you let me be so close during the production and also now for the film festival time. I can't wait of the next festival announcements for 2012. Make a red cross for December 6th. There Sundance will publish their short film program list.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Final Season Promotion

The second season of is nearly done. I only have to finish one challenge. I'm not sad because there will start the next but also last season of this amazing landcomm. Coin us and have much much fun making artwork, writing, games, team work and much more. There is no creativity end.

It will be the best season...

Join the last season of the television landcomm
celebrating all things TV through graphic,
writing, and game challenges.

The last season starts December 4th.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Many Icons

I hadn't made much Criminal Intent icons lately, but there had been other icon subjects over the last weeks.

Episode: Episode 2x24 - Troperville for the [info]tvrealm landcomm.
Ep Summary: Create an icon, gif, or a drabble based on any of the provided tropes.

AdorkableBadass DamselCatch PhraseCostumerEmbarrassing Parents

Heterosexual Life Partners?Sharp Dressed ManShirtless SceneTeam MomThe Diz

Plus one more Heterosexual Life Partners for the reason Ernie and Bert didn’t count ;o)

For luck 20 in 20: Take a look here at my lucky number 9 - Kate Beckinsale.

Mark Salling for guys 20 in 20. Next month I plan to icon Idris Elba.

Visit all 20 icons here at my LJ.

At least 59 random stock icons included 4 Vincent and 1 Kathryn icon.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Tim Guinee

I wanted to publish this short The Good Wife clip for weeks. As I saw this lion answering machine at Andrew Wiley's home I burst out laughing. I really need one for me, too. Today is Tim Guinee's birthday, who played Andrew Wiley and so many many other roles. When you follow his tweets, you read every second week, now heading off to XX shooting XX. I finally got the perfect chance to share the clip with you.

Congratulation Tim and enjoy your day.

TVRealm: episode 2 x 22 - Dance Party

Episode: Episode 2x15 -Team Television Show for the [info]tvrealm landcomm.
Ep Summary: Create a graphic or write a fic based on the prompt DANCING.

Title: Partner Pas de Deux
Flavor: Criminal Intent
Characters: Alexandra Eames + Robert Goren
Rating: K+
Word Count: 203
A/N 1: With references to the episodes Jones, Legion, Unrequited, Pas de Deux and Prisoner.
A/N 2: With beta help of [info]gorengal.

When Bobby started to sway his hips to the ¾ measure, the gleam in Alex’s eyes brightened. With a smile on her lips she remembered all the times he danced - in front of her with the sad eyed B-girl, around her during the first case after her maternity leave or behind her in the music studio of Jojo Rios. Her partner was a great dancer. Okay, maybe not in the moment as they found Jenny Hendry but he did a good job with Margie Timmons.

But the partners had never danced together. They never held each other’s hands, bodies nestled close against each other. This would be the first time. Alex took Bobby’s open and inviting hand and in the next moment she was pressed against him, her blushed cheek at his chest. Alex could feel how Bobby’s knee moved between her hot thighs. He whispered, “One, two, three, four five, six,” counting the beat and then they waltzed through the old-fashioned dusty ballroom. Alex didn’t care that they didn’t have the right posture, or that her arms started to hurt because of their body differences. It was too wonderful to glide in Bobby’s embrace over the worn-out parquet, following his moves.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

TVRealm: episode 2 x 01 - The Big Bang

Episode: Episode 2x01 - The Big Bang for the tvrealm landcomm.

With many many thanks to my both beta [info]gorengal and [info]quietfireca.
I used textures and tutos of the following people: [info]alexia47, [info]azuremonkey @ [info]thefixedfoot, [info]haudvafra, [info]yunhe, [info]bourniio, [info]endlessdeep, [info]shoqolad, [info]clockstrikes2pm at livejournal, [info]_euphory,, siriussdz, [info]trapne and [info]untapdtreasure

Fandom: CI
Pairing: Bobby and Alex
Inspiration: No Turning Back - Sarah Blasko
Rating: R

Title: No turning back

image name

His hand between my shoulder blades, my hand on his shoulder, our other hands clasped. We swayed together to the music, both lost in our own thoughts. I lifted my face off his chest, looked up and saw his relaxed face with half-closed eyes. Lower, the distinctive crook of his neck, warm skin smelling only like him.

I couldn’t hold back, couldn’t stop and was magically attracted. I got on my toes, moistened my lips, gently brushed against his pulse, which quickened. A shiver followed by a languorous sigh.

Wrong or right, we were at B&C Dance Center working, but it felt so good.

Fandom: CI
Pairing: Bobby and Alex
Inspiration: We Are Golden - Mika
Rating: K+

Title: Manhattanhenge

It was the morning of January 8th, Goren and Eames had been sitting in their SUV for a nightclub stake-out all night long. Alex snuggled under a blanket, nipping warm tea now and then. Bobby was sunken in the passenger’s seat, wearing his thickest coat and a knit hat.

“I think she won’t come anymore. Let’s go.”

“All right,” Alex answered with a yawn, and started the engine. As they filtered in the NYC traffic, golden light flooded through the street canyons and over the two detectives. The sun arose.


“Wow, Manhattanhenge,” Bobby gasped. “I’ve read about it, but never saw it.”

Fandom: CI
Pairing: Bobby and Alex
Inspiration: "You are going to have everything that you are dreaming of."
Rating: R
Word Count: 321

Title: A gold slice of a tree

image name

“Bobby, oh Bobby…” Alex shouted surprised. She opened her front door even more and pulled her former partner into her warm and cozy home, but stood back from him in the next moment. “You’re back!” she touched her throat slightly, divulging her excitement.

Bobby smiled softly. Meeting Alex Eames again showed him that he was really back home, back home from his year in Europe. He hadn’t called her to notify her of his visit but to see her bright eyes and so pleased made him more than happy.

“I have a small present for you,” he said, and fetched a black box out of his coat pocket.

“Oh,” Alex responded insecure. She didn’t know if she should take the gift. Bobby opened the case and brought out a necklace with a yellow gold pendant looking like a slice of a tree. Alex inhaled audible. Now she was sure she wanted the gift but her good manners told her to refuse.

“Beautiful,” she whispered. “But I can’t…”

“Please Eames, you would treat me.” Bobby wrestled the jewel from the dark velvet underlay. He laid the ornament onto his palm.

Alex couldn’t take her eyes off the small shimmering piece in his big hand. She touched the gold, she touched him gently and then their eyes locked.

“I…I found it at a little craft market in Krakow,” Bobby said after seconds which passed like hours, “and thought of you.”

“Will you help me put it on?”

He nodded and stepped behind his friend. Alex moved her hair to one side. However, Bobby gently touched her slender neck and languorous shivers ran down her spine. After he closed the clasp, he turned her around and beheld his work. The gold slice of a tree completed Alex’s small cross. “Perfect.” There was only the matching ring which burned inside his pocket, but it wasn’t the right time to give it to her, not yet...

Fandom: CI
Pairing: Bobby and Alex
Inspiration: Haze
Rating: R to M
Word Count: 407

Title: Two times water and vapor

5 Icons Panorama ~ Two times water and vapor

Part I

Alex Eames knew she was late, but starting work after a sweaty workout without taking a shower was also not comfortable. In addition it was the last day where men and women shared one shower room at Major Case Squad. The constructions should be done this afternoon and the male officers and detectives could move back to their rooms. Alex had had a wash a few times out of the female shower times and had never met anyone else. Today she trained alone again in the gym. She was safe.

Alex rinsed her shampooed hair. The soft foam ran down her spine to her butt and water vapor filled the small tilted room as a soft breeze hit her exposed skin. Her neck prickled and her hair stood on end. Alex heard a gasp and ‘Oh, my…Eames?’ whisper.

“Goren?” she asked, and turned off the water. “I…I’m done.” Alex wrapped quickly in her big towel and peeked around the corner into the locker room. Her partner leaned against the entrance door – eyes lowered, wearing only a blue NYPD towel around his hips.

“I thought I was alone in the gym,” Alex said, rubbing her wet hair, looking everywhere but Bobby’s direction.

“Y…you were. I jogged to work.”

“Oh! All right.” Alex stepped to her locker, fighting with the padlock. “See you at our desks in fifteen minutes?”

“Yeah, I’ll bring the coffee,” Bobby answered, and Alex heard the swoosh of the shower starting.

Part II

Alex’s foot hit the water surface and dipped into the blanket of foam. A languorous moan escaped her throat as more and more of her tiny body sank into the hot water, vapor curled her bangs. She leaned back in the oversized tub and enjoyed the feeling of his strong body behind her.

Butterflies in her tummy and heat between her legs, Alex heard a gasp and ‘Oh, my…Eames!’ whisper.

“Bobby,” she moaned, and turned around. “I…I’m not done with you.” Alex wrapped her arms and legs around her husband. He had closed his eyes, only feeling with his fingers her firm curves.

“I thought I could have a bath alone.”

“D…don’t pay attention to me,” Alex replied, rubbing her knee over Bobby’s dick.

“Uh! All right.”

Alex pressed her breasts even closer Bobby’s chest, running her fingers through his wet curls. “See you after my orgasm.”

“Yeah, I’ll give you everything you need,” Bobby answered, and turned them both around. Alex closed her eyes and heard the swash of the brewing waves.

TVRealm 20 in 20
TEAM: Animation

A Little Less ConversationLast Day DreamShowerI‘ve Seen it AllTo Build a Home

TEAM: Chiller

Isolate #1Isolate #2Isolate #3Isolate #4Isolate #5

TEAM: Dramedy

CollageTechnicolorI dreamed I was a moronHeroicI see you

TEAM: Supernatural

Hell is empty. All of the devils are here.My GenerationInspectHeaven Can WaitTexture 35

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Inspiration: I can’t decide

Inspiration: Amusing

Inspiration: Bobby’s back

 Bobby’s back Bobby’s back S10

For the last 14 points I created a magazine cover and wrote an article about Alex Eames. I hope you enjoyed my Big Bang entry. I had much fun being creative on so many different ways. [But I need to confess, first I made something and then I was looking for a fitting prompt ;o)] Please click on the headers and also the magazine entry to enlarge the artwork.

Inspiration: Comes and Goes by Greg Laswell

image name