Monday, November 7, 2011


I know I didn't post very regularly anymore. I'm busy at the LJ and the tvrealm community. There are two big challenges which will end very soon. I also signed up for two new 20 in 20 icon rounds (Mark Salling for guys20in20 and Kate Beckinsale for luck20in20). I hope when I finished these projects I'll spend again more time for Lovely Kathryn. I have many more idea.

But I hope all Kathryn fans of the New York area visited the Big Apple Film Festival and watched Mother's House at the weekend.

Today The Consoler (der Tröster) will have it's German tv premiere. I badly need to show you the vox opening credits of season 10. I read that the quotes of the first episodes were good even though vox didn't advertise the final season very much. I saw a few nice clips but hadn't a chance to record it. Maybe today?

In the meantime three amazing drawings I found at I always wished to inherit the talent of my dad, but my sister was the lucky one. Unbelievable what some people can draw...
...maybe I'll install a new side-bar section: drawing of the week.

by Silas-Quinn

by tevardarth

by TheDreadedWoeKitten

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  1. Love the artwork!! Bobby and Alex(Vincent/Kate) have some very talented fans. Keep up the work, love to see more.