Wednesday, August 28, 2013


The Natural Affection team invited a photograph to their rehearsal: JIPPY.

TACT/The Actors Company Theatre presents Natural Affection by William Inge, the first production of the company's 21st Season. Directed by TACT Co-Artistic Director Jenn Thompson, performances begin at Theatre Row's Beckett Theatre (410 West 42nd Street - between 9th & 10th Avenues) on Tuesday, September 17, 2013. Opening night is set for Thursday, September 26 at 7:30pm. Performances will continue through October 26, 2013. BroadwayWorld has a sneak peek at the cast in rehearsal below!
In Natural Affection, a troubled young man, who, abandoned early in life by his single mother (Erbe), returns from reform school to find her now living with a lover. As the tension between them mounts, their fight for forgiveness and connection gives way to desperation, setting this insecure family on a collision course of reckless, heartbreaking and almost inevitable violence.

The cast includes TACT Company Members Alec Beard (Lost in Yonkers, Semi-Monde), Eve Bianco (Bedroom Farce, DAndy Dick), Victoria Mack (Happy Birthday, Venus in Fur) and Guest Artists Tobi Aremu (Off Broadway debut), Chris Bert (TACT debut), Kathryn Erbe (The Grapes of Wrath, "Law & Order: Criminal Intent"), and John Pankow (The Iceman Cometh, "Episodes" - SHOWTIME).
The creative team is comprised of John McDermott (sets), DAVID TOSER (costumes), Mary Louise Geiger (lights), Toby Algya (sound), and Lauren Madden (properties).

Natural Affection, a powerful drama on the theme of fragmented families and random violence, had its Broadway debut at the Booth Theatre on January 31, 1963. Its opening coincided with the New York newspaper strike and it ran for a total of 36 performances to March 2, 1963. As with Truman Capote's In Cold Blood, the inspiration for Natural Affection came from a newspaper account of a seemingly meaningless and unmotivated crime. Directed by Tony Richardson, the cast included Kim Stanley, Harry Guardino and Tom Bosley. The play has not been seen in New York since its 1963 debut.

Natural Affection will play the following performance schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 7:30 p.m., Friday at 8:00 p.m., Saturday at 2:00 & 8:00 p.m., and Sunday at 2:00 p.m. Tickets are $20 - $58.00 and are available by visiting or calling (212) 239-6200. Tickets are also available at the Theatre Row box office (410 West 42nd Street (between 9th & 10th Avenues) between 12:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. daily.

Photo Credit: Stephen Kunken

Visit BroadwayWorld for even more photos.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Shirley Bellinger Lovebar

I made a Shirley Bellinger Lovebar for my big Bingo landcomm entry. You can find the whole entry including 16 different tv shows here at my LJ.

I also used Criminal Intent (plus references to Jo) for the Dialogue Only part.

"It's me, Bobby."
"Hey Bobby, how are you?"
"What, you frighten me, Bobby. What's wrong?"
"Please have a seat."
"Bobby, you..."
"I got a call today."
"A call?"
"A call from Jo Saint-Clair.”
"Jo Stain-Clair?"
"Commander Jo Stain-Clair, Homicide Paris."
"Why you are called by the French police?"
"He read all our reports. Saw the contact notes."
"All right?"
"You really have a seat, Eames?"
"Yes, I rest on my couch."
"Nicole Wallace."
"No, no, no."
"Nicole was in Paris."
"We found her heart Bobby. We found her fucking heart in a cooler. In this damn honeymoon suit."
"I know."
"The DNA matched."
"I know."
"Dr. Rodgers checked it trice."
"I know."
"I know, Eames. Declan killed her."
"I don't know."
"I need a drink."
"Make it straight."
"Eames, are you still there?"
"We need to."
"Fly to Paris. I already booked two flights. Take off from JFK in three hours. I meet you at the airport, gate 4."
"How is this possible?"
"I don't have a clue? I hope Saint-Clair can shed light on the whole situation. But he sent a photo. It's her!"
"See you at the airport in an hour."
"Bobby, we have no competence in Paris, Europe, or wherever this bitch is right now."
"I know Eames, but I don't care."

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Kensho at the Bedfellow

It looks like Kathryn is set for a new independent feature film.

Kensho at the Bedfellow, a film about a guy in NYC searching for freedom and fulfillment in all the wrong places.

Dan Bender is 33 and trapped by almost everything: his overnight job, his manipulative ex-girlfriend, his unforgivable dad, his growing debt, and his quiet desperation… 

Still reeling from the death of a loved one years ago, Dan’s nihilism has smothered his passion as a playwright. His bravado and mindless consumption continue to push him further and further from himself.

A glimmer of hope emerges when Dan is reunited with Kate Darrow, a beautiful but troubled childhood friend, back from work overseas. But as Dan’s past begins to catch up with him, he finds himself very much alone -- submerged in an odyssey of sex, drugs, and self-destruction as he searches desperately for freedom. 

What he ultimately finds in his darkest hour, however, is illumination beyond his wildest comprehension. But can he fully metabolize his experience? And how is it relevant to the world...?

Kensho at the Bedfellow is a Hero’s Journey. Through the lens of Dan’s consciousness, the film explores the nature of fulfillment, relationships, family, social conscience, sex, death, religion, life purpose, and the role that self-reflection plays on the global stage.

Find out more at the homepage of  Kensho at the Bedfellow.

Other pages to be updated for Kathryn's new film project:
The movie maker already added a video to Kensho at the Bedfellow, but I guess you'll see clips of other projects of the actors. Kathryn's scene is snagged from the Mother's House trailer.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

TACT Insider + First Friday

Dreams really will come true. My PhD thesis is nearly complete and I'll get two more months of my institute to finish everything. So I get paid until end of October. Means I cand make vacation plans, lol. No, booking my second NYC trip gives me a deadline when I want to pass my thesis to the university.

Yes you read right, NYC! I really will visit the city again and so will take this chance to see Kathryn with Natural Affection on stage. EXCITED!

Unfortunately we won't manage to join:

The new TACT INSIDER program is an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the creation and development of TACT’s MAINSTAGE production with unprecedented access to the artists and the creative process. TACT INSIDER--you’re invited to the TACT Studio on the FIRST day of rehearsal to meet the Cast, the Director, and Designers; see the set model and costume sketches as they are presented; and witness the exciting first read-through of the play. Then revisit the studio on the LAST day of rehearsal to get the creative scoop on the rehearsal process. To round out the INSIDER experience, you’ll get exclusive access of the TECH rehearsal at the theatre. You’ll see the show comes to life from the ground up as with the lights, set, costumes and sound.

This access into the inner-workings of the theatrical process is rare, so if you’re a true theatre aficionado – and a lover of TACT - you’ll love this very special insider program. Never before offered!

Natural Affection by William Inge is an extraordinary long-lost, urban drama that created controversy during its brief Broadway run in 1963 with its underlying incestuous and homosexual insinuations and its dark implications of a dawning sexual revolution.

The TACT INSIDER for Natural Affection · Meet & Greet and First Read Through of the play on Tuesday, August 20th; at 1:00pm
  • Final rehearsal gathering on Sunday, September 8th; at 6:00pm
  • Invited TECH rehearsal on Thursday evening, September 12th at 7:30pm
  • Enjoy all or any part.
All this available only to INSIDERS for a contribution of $100. TACT INSIDER spaces are limited so call now to participate. Call 212/645-8228.

We can’t think of a better way to kick-off our season than by celebrating this extraordinary playwright’s centennial with a reexamination of this overlooked and undervalued gem with you. We hope you will join us for the new TACT INSIDER program and get the inside scoop on how the production was formed and how theatre magic is created with the inimitable TACT style.

Natural Affection will run from September 17th through October 26th

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Nicole Wallace

Status: ALIVE!
And very well in Paris by the way.

I watched Jo this international 8 episode production with René Balcer as show runner and Jean Reno as sad but brilliant cop in Paris.

There were Jill Hennessy as regular but also Sam Waterstone in one episode.

Yesterday they aired the last two episodes. But 'The Catacombes' blow me away.

I read Olivia's name and was very excited. I knew she was the killer and she was so much Nicole.But as they took her finger prints the Interpol proof was made: SHE IS NICOLE WALLACE.They mentioned the NYC investigations of her cases, even read reports of Bobby about Nicole's behavior (but unfortunately never named the both Detectives).In the end her DNA with the bloody heart didn't match, but she could quote her card to Bobby that he would be the only one she'll ever love. ARG, they didn't make another season of Jo.

Bobby and Alex are out in the streets of New York and Nicole is somewhere as well.

I always knew she tricked with this heart in Frame.

Watch here a short clip.