Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Shirley Bellinger Lovebar

I made a Shirley Bellinger Lovebar for my big Bingo landcomm entry. You can find the whole entry including 16 different tv shows here at my LJ.

I also used Criminal Intent (plus references to Jo) for the Dialogue Only part.

"It's me, Bobby."
"Hey Bobby, how are you?"
"What, you frighten me, Bobby. What's wrong?"
"Please have a seat."
"Bobby, you..."
"I got a call today."
"A call?"
"A call from Jo Saint-Clair.”
"Jo Stain-Clair?"
"Commander Jo Stain-Clair, Homicide Paris."
"Why you are called by the French police?"
"He read all our reports. Saw the contact notes."
"All right?"
"You really have a seat, Eames?"
"Yes, I rest on my couch."
"Oh God...no!"
"Nicole Wallace."
"No, no, no."
"Nicole was in Paris."
"We found her heart Bobby. We found her fucking heart in a cooler. In this damn honeymoon suit."
"I know."
"The DNA matched."
"I know."
"Dr. Rodgers checked it trice."
"I know."
"I know, Eames. Declan killed her."
"I don't know."
"I need a drink."
"Make it straight."
"Eames, are you still there?"
"We need to."
"Fly to Paris. I already booked two flights. Take off from JFK in three hours. I meet you at the airport, gate 4."
"How is this possible?"
"I don't have a clue? I hope Saint-Clair can shed light on the whole situation. But he sent a photo. It's her!"
"See you at the airport in an hour."
"Bobby, we have no competence in Paris, Europe, or wherever this bitch is right now."
"I know Eames, but I don't care."

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