Saturday, August 10, 2013

Nicole Wallace

Status: ALIVE!
And very well in Paris by the way.

I watched Jo this international 8 episode production with René Balcer as show runner and Jean Reno as sad but brilliant cop in Paris.

There were Jill Hennessy as regular but also Sam Waterstone in one episode.

Yesterday they aired the last two episodes. But 'The Catacombes' blow me away.

I read Olivia's name and was very excited. I knew she was the killer and she was so much Nicole.But as they took her finger prints the Interpol proof was made: SHE IS NICOLE WALLACE.They mentioned the NYC investigations of her cases, even read reports of Bobby about Nicole's behavior (but unfortunately never named the both Detectives).In the end her DNA with the bloody heart didn't match, but she could quote her card to Bobby that he would be the only one she'll ever love. ARG, they didn't make another season of Jo.

Bobby and Alex are out in the streets of New York and Nicole is somewhere as well.

I always knew she tricked with this heart in Frame.

Watch here a short clip.

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