Wednesday, August 14, 2013

TACT Insider + First Friday

Dreams really will come true. My PhD thesis is nearly complete and I'll get two more months of my institute to finish everything. So I get paid until end of October. Means I cand make vacation plans, lol. No, booking my second NYC trip gives me a deadline when I want to pass my thesis to the university.

Yes you read right, NYC! I really will visit the city again and so will take this chance to see Kathryn with Natural Affection on stage. EXCITED!

Unfortunately we won't manage to join:

The new TACT INSIDER program is an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the creation and development of TACT’s MAINSTAGE production with unprecedented access to the artists and the creative process. TACT INSIDER--you’re invited to the TACT Studio on the FIRST day of rehearsal to meet the Cast, the Director, and Designers; see the set model and costume sketches as they are presented; and witness the exciting first read-through of the play. Then revisit the studio on the LAST day of rehearsal to get the creative scoop on the rehearsal process. To round out the INSIDER experience, you’ll get exclusive access of the TECH rehearsal at the theatre. You’ll see the show comes to life from the ground up as with the lights, set, costumes and sound.

This access into the inner-workings of the theatrical process is rare, so if you’re a true theatre aficionado – and a lover of TACT - you’ll love this very special insider program. Never before offered!

Natural Affection by William Inge is an extraordinary long-lost, urban drama that created controversy during its brief Broadway run in 1963 with its underlying incestuous and homosexual insinuations and its dark implications of a dawning sexual revolution.

The TACT INSIDER for Natural Affection · Meet & Greet and First Read Through of the play on Tuesday, August 20th; at 1:00pm
  • Final rehearsal gathering on Sunday, September 8th; at 6:00pm
  • Invited TECH rehearsal on Thursday evening, September 12th at 7:30pm
  • Enjoy all or any part.
All this available only to INSIDERS for a contribution of $100. TACT INSIDER spaces are limited so call now to participate. Call 212/645-8228.

We can’t think of a better way to kick-off our season than by celebrating this extraordinary playwright’s centennial with a reexamination of this overlooked and undervalued gem with you. We hope you will join us for the new TACT INSIDER program and get the inside scoop on how the production was formed and how theatre magic is created with the inimitable TACT style.

Natural Affection will run from September 17th through October 26th