Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Mask of the Jaguar King - Photos

Unfortunately there are no reports and reviews about the Monday reading of The Mask of the Jaguar King with Kathryn and Ricardo Chavira.

I saw a positive tweet:
Also, went to see Mask of the Jaguar King with my pal at the . Ricardo Chavira and Kathryn Erbe were amazing.

But at least Blanca posted a few photos at her facebook. Plus, she got me a program. So happy.

Go here to the original photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Kathryn's blouse is so cool, love it. She and Ricardo looking great together. I had love to listen to them.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

P.A at The Mask of the Jaguar King

Signature Theater Company is Looking for a P.A.

Wendy Ouellette is looking for a P.A. for Monday, 5/20. Call is 8 AM to 10 PM at Signature Theater Company. Payment in the form of exposure to name actors (KATHRYN ERBE and RICARDO CHAVIRA) and award-winning lighting designer DENNIS PARICHY, plus a range of resume-building experience, from electrics to stage management to run crew. Please contact Wendy through FaceBook.

Here’s the gig:

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Blanca meeting Kathryn

And of course taking a few nice photos. Read here her short report about the meeting after the last Saturday matinee of Nikolai and the Others.

Wish you much fun with the reading of the Maske of the Jaguar King on Monday, Blanca.

Friday, May 17, 2013

To the Boy... the Blue knit cap.

Lately popped up a few new on set photos of the last Criminal Intent shooting. Click for more Vincent. (Thanks Judith for the first one)

Sigh, I miss them solving crime.

Friday, May 10, 2013


Kathryn Erbe by Alex Waterhouse, Sun Room, October 1992

I saw this amazing photo of Kathryn today at tumblr and a quick google picture search lead me to the blog of Alex Waterhouse and his entry Furs, Futral, Freedman, Fuller & Erbe back on Monday, February 18, 2013.
My eldest daughter Alexandra when she still lived with us, which was at least 21 years ago, started my basement filing system. To this day I can see the difference between her neat printing on the file labels and my terrible attempt at legibility.
Such is the size of my files that there is stuff there that I cannot find unless I know the name or the incident. While returning some files today I was in section Erbe, Kathryn - F to Fs and I found this curious connection of Fs: Freedman, Fuller, Furs and Futral. Adele Freedman wrote about architecture for the Globe & Mail for many years. Janice Fuller and her Little Sisters Bookstore fought Canada Customs for years in order to import gay/lesbian related literature. Elizabeth Futral is an American soprano that I photographed twice for two roles. One was for Donizetti’s Lucia di Lammermoor and the other for his Daughter of the Regiment. In the latter opera a French regiment adopts a little tom girl who before they (the soldiers) know it grows up to be a gorgeous girl. I tried to convey her double roll by taking pictures of her as the young soldier and as the woman. I put the pictures into a Pugwash, Nova Scotia pewter frame and scanned them with some of my grandmother’s sheet music on top.
As for Erbe, Kathryn she is an actress. I recognize the location as the Sun Room of the Vancouver Hotel. The fur pictures escape my memory completely. I had no idea I had ever taken anything like them.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Nikolai and the Others: Scene Montage and Opening Night

Again, there are weeks withot any news of Kathryn Erbe and then you have three events at the same time. On Monday was the Opening Night of Nikolai and the Others. You can read a few reviews here. Now there are also pictures of the event visible. Would so love to get a full body pic of Kathryn in this awesome looking dress. Love the antisymmetric sleeves.

But Lincols Center Theater also published a short video clip of a scenes montage of the play. Enjoy:


Don't forget SVU tonight. Lieutenant Alex Eames will be back.

picture sources: - Jennifer Broski - David Gordon
For three more pictures of the event check Newscom + Contactmusic + Spokeo - Joseph Marzullo WENN

The Mask of the Jaguar King - Reading

Harbor Theatre to present an invite-only reading of The Mask of The Jaguar King at May 20th, a project written by Stuart Warmflash.

Directed by Bram Lewis, the reading will feature Katherine Erbe ("Law & Order: Criminal Intent") and Ricardo Chavira ("Desperate Housewives"). The event will also have original music by Peter Calo and lighting by Dennis Parichy.
More information can be found at

The Mask of The Jaguar King is a religious mystery pitting the politics of imperialism against the desires of the heart. In 1933, a battle of the sexes breaks out when an American archaeologist finds herself stranded at the site of a Mayan Temple with a dangerous Hispanic revolutionary intent on stealing priceless ancient artifacts. As they slowly unmask each other's dark personal secrets it remains unclear, who is the real outlaw? To whom does history belong? And does the value of preserving the past justify the injustices of the present?

Make your reservation for the 3 pm or 7 pm reading here.

Harbor Theatre
P.W. F. S.
P.O. Box 20934
New York, N.Y. 10025

BroadwayWorld and PlayBill

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Alex is Back

Tomorrow night - Kathryn Erbe as Alex Eames

Nikolai and the Others - Opening Night Reviews

Yesterday was the Opening Night of Nicolai and the Others and Blanca met Kathryn to wish her all the best.
See behind the links a few reviews of the play.

Review: 'Nikolai and the Others' bittersweet drama - Associated Press By JENNIFER FARRAR
The entire cast is excellent. Blair Brown radiates magnetism and warm authority as Stravinsky's wife Vera, a former actress who is also Sudeikin's ex-wife and a leader within the group. Kathryn Erbe gives a spirited portrayal of Natasha Nabokov, Nikolai's cheerful, pragmatic ex-wife.
Famous Russian House Guests, With Plenty of Baggage - The New York Times By BEN BRANTLEY
As Balanchine, we have Michael Cerveris, my favorite of all Sweeney Todds, while Natasha Nabokov, one of Balanchine’s unofficial handmaidens, is played by Kathryn Erbe. Alvin Epstein, a fabled interpreter of Beckett, appears as the painter and set designer Sergey Sudeikin, while Igor Stravinsky and his wife, Vera, are embodied by John Glover and Blair Brown. And if you don’t know who the Stravinskys were — or, for that matter, who Mr. Glover and Ms. Brown are — then “Nikolai and the Others” is probably not for you.
‘Nikolai and the Others’: Theater review - NEW YORK DAILY NEWS by Joe Dziemianowicz
Under the direction of David Cromer, the cast, which includes Blair Brown and Kathryn Erbe, deliver capable work. Designs by Marsha Ginsberg (sets), Jane Greenwood (costumes) and Ken Billington (lights) are all fine.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Marsha Ginsberg Talks About the Set of Nikolai and the Others

Marsha Ginsberg Talks About the Set

The other afternoon I sat with Marsha Ginsberg, the set designer for Nikolai and the Others, in the audience of the Mitzi E. Newhouse theater. A rehearsal for Act Two of the play was going on, so we had to converse quietly, but as everything on the stage was well illuminated I could ask more specific questions of her work than if we'd met for coffee at a neighborhood cafe.

I asked Ginsberg about inspirations for the set's furnishings. "There is a certain amount of Bauhaus and Wiener Werkstatte influence," she replied. "Not in an overall sense: we didn't want it to look as if Lucia" - Lucia Davidova, at whose Westport, CT farmhouse the play takes place - "had hired a decorator." She added: "We wanted to create a home as a comfortable gathering place. I imagined Lucia had a "modern" European aesthetic and collected objects and furniture of personal significance over an extended period of time. It's also a period" - the play takes place in 1948 - "when Bauhaus architects and designers (i.e. Gropius and Breuer, who left Europe) are finding their work and ideas infiltrating the arts and architecture in the U.S."

To illustrate her remark, Ginsberg, who studied art at Cooper Union in New York and set design at NYU, pointed to an elegant trolley in the middle of the set. "That's a Marcel Breuer K40 sofa table, from 1927/28. We found it at a shop in Hudson, NY." I mentioned other pieces onstage. There were dark, mahogany-stained chairs with Josef Hoffman-fabric upholstered seats. "We found those on eBay," Ginsberg said. "They are said to be Jugendstil, Thonet." I pointed farther downstage : "And those chairs we found on German eBay."

We moved on to the shape of the set's farmhouse. "I like to visit real places to get information for my design," Ginsberg said. "For Nikolai, I visited several older barn locations in the country in western Massachusetts and Connecticut. I took a lot of photos and the design developed from there."

Ginsberg said it was important that the barn set in Nikolai - there are two other sets: inside the house and just outside it - "convey the sense of a barn as a creative workplace, where Stravinsky and Balanchine could have believably worked on something like their Orpheus. I mentioned all those 1940s movies, released only a little earlier than Nikolai's timeframe, in which Mickey and Judy put on a show in the barn.

Ginsberg's reference point was more appropriate to a non-Hollywood production. "I was thinking of the barn at Tanglewood," she said. "Which isn't used much anymore. I remember it because, growing up in New York, my family had a place in the Berkshires, and we'd go to concerts at Tanglewood in the summer." As for her more recent professional connection to music, Ginsberg has designed sets for many operas, including for New York City Opera's February 2013 production of Thomas Ades's Powder Her Face. Her next project is Somewhere Fun, a new play, by Jenny Schwartz, beginning performances at off-Broadway's Vineyard Theater on May 15.

As Ginsberg told me more about her family and career background - she counts the designer Robert Israel as a mentor - I kept looking at the sloping farmhouse roof frame for the Nikolai rehearsal we were watching. "I've built quite a few A frames, or near-A frames" Ginsberg said. "Part of what I learned here was how to conceptualize it for the Newhouse's thrust stage."

Ginsberg said that the thrust stage allowed her and David Cromer, the director of Nikolai, to think of the Newhouse space "sculpturally." "In a thrust," she explained, "things can exist in three dimensions in a way that they can't in a proscenium and the audience interacts with the space uniquely by virtue of viewing the set differently depending on where they sit." She added: "We also raised the floor to be level with the first audience row. I think that brings the audience a little closer to the characters and their interactions."

Brendan Lemon is the American theater critic for the Financial Times and the editor of

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Law and Order: SVU 14 x 22 Promo "Poisoned Motive"

Law and Order SVU 14x22 "Poisoned Motive" - Two surprise sniper attacks on the NYPD leave the SVU squad scrambling for answers. When the link between the shootings appears to be Detective Tutuola (Ice-T), he reconnects with his former Narcotics partner (guest star Yul Vazquez) in order to uncover a possible motive tied to their old cases. As the violence continues, Lieutenant Eames (guest star Erbe) joins the investigation and the Special Victims Unit races to hunt down a killer no one saw coming. Also starring Mariska Hargitay (Detective Olivia Benson), Dann Florek (Captain Donald Cragen), Danny Pino (Detective Nick Amaro) and Kelli Giddish (Detective Amanda Rollins). Guest starring Jessica Camacho, Emilio Rivera, Cathy Moriarty, 2 Chainz and LaLa Anthony. Subscribe to televisionpromosdb on YouTube for more Law and Order SVU season 14 promos in HD!