Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My artwork in Kathryn's hands

Maybe you read over twitter about the big favor of Blanca for me. Here you see the result:
Kate loved your letter and artwork! She sends her love and thanks.:) via

I want to tell you a little more about the story that Kathryn Erbe was holding MY artwork in her hands ;o)

I started to write a letter to Kathryn during the whole CI filming last Spring. I don't know why I never finished it and sent it to Chelsea Piers???

But in January I knew I would get another chance (not going the long way round using the Gersh Agency) to contact Kathryn. Blanca tweeted or mentioned in her blog that she would visit Yosemite twice. I asked her if I could send her my letter and she would pass it to Kathryn after the performance. Blanca agreed immediately. I knew I had a little time until February 26th. I took the old letter and re-wrote it. I also printed the magazine cover and article (my masterpieces of the tvrealm landcomm) as little gift for Kathryn because I asked for an autograph in the letter and it would be awesome if Kathryn took a look on my work. I hope she smiled about the article.

Even when sending everything in early February, the letter only arrived sometimes last week. Woah, I was so frightened it wouldn't get there in time. But now I'm so happy. Kathryn got the letter and my gift and maybe she'll answer...

...we will see ;o)

Note: Rattlestick Playwright Theater extended Yosemite for another week. So take your chance to see the play this week before it's over. [Discount codes: $15 tickets for theater artists--code YTA, $10 tickets for students--code YSTU10] Here you also can watch the backstage interviews with the four actors and Daniel Talbott.

P.S. Here you can take a closer look at the magazine cover (when you ask yourself about the other headlines you only need to take a closer look at all my tvrealm entries of season one and two) and also the fake interview with Alex Eames.

image name

Saturday, February 25, 2012

TVRealm: episode 3 x 16 - Challenge Redux

Episode: Episode 3 x 16 - Challenge Redux for the [info]tvrealm landcomm.
Ep Summary: Re-do a [info]tvrealm challenge that you missed or simply liked enough to do again!

What did I really like??? 1x17: Create-a-Show -- Create your own original television show!

So here we are again with another show. This is just too much fun and I already writing fanfiction in my head. I choose option b + d.

b. Writing: Get more in depth. Write an additional 500 words on how your story will begin/unfold.
d. Graphics: Create two graphics for your show. They can be banners, posters, wallpapers, etc. 400x250px minimum--images must be colored/altered.

Before you can read what I produced I want to thank my friend [info]quietfireca for her beta help. If you think the English of episode 4 + 5 are so much worse you're right. I was so stupid sending Suzanne not the whole text last night, doink.


From the same producers as Barbary and Law & Order: Internal Affairs and featuring the show runner of Heal & Caring: Medical Intent – the Saint James Hospital: Havers Network presents Jade. The historic mini tv series will follow the hard and dangerous life of Captain Richard Harper (Vincent D’Onofrio) and his Atlantic schooner, Jade. On the other side there is the young widow Jade Buchanan (Kathryn Erbe) who lost her husband only a few months ago and who wants to leave Ireland because of the beginning potato famine. She seeks a better life for her little son and plans to immigrate to Philadelphia.
Stay tuned for five exciting episodes of 90 minutes.

The show takes place in 1848. Richard Harper is the owner and captain of the transport schooner Jade. From the American East coast Harper and his loyal crew deliver cotton and tobacco to the British Islands and from the old colonial power they transport iron, glass and textiles to the New World. Now and then Richard also transports immigrants. In the last couple of years more and more people asking him for a passage on his schooner in the Irish harbors of Cork and Cobh.
Every crossing is a challenge. There lurk pirates, hunting for unarmed and unsuspecting ships. Calm weather can delay the time schedule for weeks. But when they sail in the windier north malicious icebergs can harm the schooner.

The death of Patrick Buchanan was only six months ago. Jade not only lost her loving husband, she also was evicted from their farm of Patrick’s family. Now she needs to make new plans to organize her life and the future of her nine year old son, Thomas.

#1 Clove Hitch

Captain Richard Harper and his crew enter port the harbor of Boston. Jade, the transport schooner is in a miserable condition. One mast is broken and a lot of the sails and rigs are ripped. On their way from Liverpool the Jade sailed into a bad storm off Newfoundland. Richard needs to repair the ship but he is also looking for new crew members. At least he doesn’t need to agonize about the next transport duty. In Boston Richard has many partners who are waiting for him and the cargo hold of the Jade.
One month later Richard will be able to leave the US coast to sail back to Ireland, with the new navigator, Mael Washington (Idris Elba) on board. They only stop once in Halifax. There it becomes even more apparent that Richard isn’t really happy with his bachelor land life – a girl in every port. He longs for a more regular life and maybe a family.

#2 Sheet Band

Jade awakes from another nightmare. She dreamed again of her late husband Patrick and how his brother banished her and Thomas from their farm. She turns on her side to watch her little son sleeping. The first lights of dawn entered the tiny room. Jade has to get up. Her first job at a shabby harbor scriptorium would start soon. At three afternoons a week she also gives private lessons to the son of Cork’s biggest shipping company owner. Jade would like to work again as teacher like she did in Kerry, but there were no free jobs when she came to the city four months ago. Without her husband Jade feels not save in the big town. Mr. Abernathy, the hot-tempered company owner tries to make her his mistress. Until now Jade could resists the advances but she knows Abernathy isn't a man who accepts a no. Also her work at the office is a walk on eggshells. Kevin O’Leary, the corrupt head-clerk appropriate obviously company money that even Jade had notice it during her first week of work. At least she finally get a letter from her oversea family. Finally a way out.

#3 Half Hitch

Abernathy attacks Jade. Only the arrival of his wife can prevent the rape. On her escape back home, Richard passes Jade. He notes her displaced and tattered dress but she is too afraid to stop when she hears the voice of an unfamiliar man. She doesn't remember Richard. He had been at the office during her first week in Cork as he had been in Ireland for the last time.

Despite the assault Jade has to go back to work at the office only a few days later. But inspectors investigate and no one is allow to touch the papers and files. O'Leary's fraud is finally uncovered. There is nothing which hold Jade and Thomas at Ireland any longer. The money Abernathy had sent to buy Jade's silence would help to get a transport over the Atlantic. The note from her family underwrote teacher positions in Philadelphia and they also would house Jade and Thomas for their first weeks in the US.
On her way out of the occupied office Jade meets again Richard and John McClary (Scott Caan), the ship's cook. They are looking for contracts but leave empty-handed due to the investigations. Now Jade remembered Richard. Without further ado she asked him if on his ship is a place for her and Thomas. The captain agrees.

#4 Bowline

The endlessness of the ocean releases Jade. Finally she is free and her past is closed. Thomas and she are the only passengers. She makes friend with most of the crew very quickly but to Richard grows a band both can't explain. To fill the long days at the close place Jade teaches John reading and writing. In exchange he shows Thomas how to cook. But also Richard offers that Jade can check his work papers and books to reduce a little of his duties. This gifted times he spends with Jade.
A very fierce flu of Jade at half way to America makes their bond even stronger. As captain, Richard is also the physician of the Jade. He tends devotionally Jade and hover over her for several night.

#5 Reef Knot

Two days before they reach Philadelphia, Richard invites Jade for a last dinner at his coach. First they share kisses and then they spend the night together. Richard allows Jade to grieve about Patrick and he is also a big help to deal with the attack of Abernathy.
It's hard to say goodbye, but Philadelphia offers a new life for Jade and her son. Nevertheless she is at the harbor as the Jade and Richard sail back to Europe. A last catch of each others eyes. Maybe the second Jade will let Richard give up his first one and he'll change is life. He'll have time of two Atlantic passages to think about everything... be continued???

Friday, February 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Oscar Wilde

Kathryn's part cut from this video.

Uploaded by on Jun 3, 2011

Readings on Art and Aesthetics from the work of Oscar Wilde, part of Happy Birthday Oscar Wilde, a feature we produced in 2005 with Amnesty International. The DVD is available on (, and features contributors from Music, Theater, Film, Television and the arts, such as Bono, Larry Mullen, Annie Lennox, Martin Sheen, Tyne Daly, Rosie Perez, Allison Janney, Eric Stolz, Julianna Margulies, Edward Asner, Gabriel Byrne, Frank McCourt, Ken Loach, Gavin Friday, Estelle Parsons, Geoffrey Rush, Stewart Copeland, Brian Cox, Harvey Fierstein, Jim Sheridan, Joan Rivers, Lee Grant, James Cromwell, Stephanie Beacham, Lily Tomlin, Fionnula Flanagan and Liam Neeson.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mother's House @ New Orleans




Come check out some amazing films and listen to some great music!

All screenings and musical performances will be held at:

The Kerry Irish Pub - 331 Decatur Blvd, New Orleans.


Mother's House will be:

Saturday, March 3rd


Leka Med Dockor
Mother's House
The Drifter

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TVRealm: episode 3 x 20 - Writing Images, Iconing Words

Episode: Episode 3 x 20 - Writing Images, Iconing Words for the [info]tvrealm landcomm.
Ep Summary: Complete a 10in10 icon challenge OR use an image to write a 500 word fic.

Title: Walk of Thoughts
Flavor: Criminal Intent
Characters: Alexandra Eames + Robert Goren
Rating: T
Word Count: 518
A/N 1: Post Lady's Man. Alex needs to clear her mind after the arresting of Mulrooney.
A/N 2: With beta help of [info]gorengal.

Alex Eames needed to be alone. After she clicked her partner's handcuffs around Kevin Mulrooney's wrists, she almost fled out of Major Case. No one should see the horror in her face, the terror in her eyes. During the darkest time in her life she had let this man so close, so damn close. Ten years later the same man had become a murderer to destroy her life.

Alex wanted to think about everything and also wanted to clear her mind. Nothing helped better than walking. Half the night she strolled through the never-sleeping streets of Manhattan. The noises and flashing lights were good to cover her racing thoughts. But to warm up again, Alex entered the subway. Amongst the clackering, chattering, and squeaking of the silver underground train, she rested and her stiff, tired limbs recovered.

Beach, Alex wanted to go to the beach and see the sun rise over the never-ending ocean. Brighton Beach and Coney Island were closer, but she didn't want to be around the touristy boardwalks and amusement park. She just wanted sand and surf. Alex decided to visit Rockaway Beach, her old neighborhood. She could walk forever, her only company the breaking waves and seagulls.

Alex left the MTA at Rockaway Park and headed east into the morning over endless beach.

Hot tears moistened her cold cheeks as the sun slowly climbed over the horizon, dipping the sea in a gold carpet. But Alex moved on, the icy wind catching her loosened strands. A few early joggers passed her way but no one noticed her silent sobs. One subway station passed into another. Alex had given up counting the endless wooden breakwater walls or the concreted beach entries she left behind.

One sandpiper grabbed Alex's attention and she tried to follow the little bird with her eyes. As it was only a little dark dot on creamy sand, she noted another person. No one had passed or had gotten ahead of her during the last mile. Alex checked her watch - time for work, but she knew Bobby would cover her. She felt drained and frostbitten but she wanted to move on. The fresh air deafened so good. The dark figure got bigger and she could see that he put up two deck chairs. Who would take a sunbath at 40 °F? But to sit down and close her eyes was very alluring.

After the man unfolded a big blanket, he turned in her direction and walked closer. A familiar limping, the long winter coat...
"Bobby..." Alex gasped.

No words as they finally met. He saw everything in her face and she would ask later how he found her. Now it only was important that he was with her, that he held her, that she could cry again, snuggling into the warm embrace of a friend.

Holding hands, Bobby guided Alex the last steps to the chairs, spreading the blanket over them. Together they sat in silence, looking over the ocean, their fingers still folded.

"Everything okay?" Bobby asked as he passed her a mug with steaming coffee.

"I don't know," Alex replied honestly.

Friday, February 17, 2012

42 Icons + Icon Battle – Round #2 - Colorful: fashion & stock

It's a long time ago I published an icon post. But I finally found the time to make V icons and a little more.

V – Visitors 2009
TV: Criminal Minds, CSI: NY, Glee, Sherlock:
Vincent, CI:

Here is also my entry for round 2 of [info]iconbattling. I found a few amazing tutos and psds which turned out super well.

With the help of: [info]bambinainnero, [info]bambinainnero, [info]sillyisi @ [info]tutsjournal, [info]jaejunggim, [info]querita, [info]dreamsofkate, [info]bttrfly_kiss, [info]shalowater, [info]tinebrella and [info]windsonnetss.

Icon Battle – Round #2 – Colorful: fashion & stock