Saturday, February 4, 2012

TVRealm: episode 3 x 15 - X-treme Trope-icals

Episode: Episode 3 x 15 - X-treme Trope-icals for the [info]tvrealm landcomm.
Ep Summary: Much like last season's trope challenge--but you choose your own trope(s) and it's on a bigger scale :D

The tropes of Criminal Intent

Broken Bird & It's Personal: Alex Eames in Amends. The two partners finally solve the murder of Alex’s husband, Joe Dutton. He was killed in the line of duty nine years ago. As Bobby opened the case files Alex is in tears: ‘This isn’t another one of your puzzles.’

The Cast Showoff: Vincent D’Onofrio’s ability of magic tricks was portrait in at least three episodes of Criminal Intent. Especially in Vanishing Act he was allow to cast a spell of his partner and the viewer.

Huge Guy, Tiny Girl: See and I only looked for caps of season one [where Vincent was much slender than later on ;o)]. I really love the combination of Bobby Goren 6'4" and Alex Eames 5'2" plus the fact that Alex is the senior in their partnership.

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In the Blood: Alex Eames is the daughter of Johnny Eames, a former cop of the NYPD. Now and then we get a little information about the man. He worked at precinct 40 and 91. He had problems with the city and his retirement pay because of being a double earner. Johnny was shot by Dempsey Powers in 1987. Alex and her dad made long hikes at Harriman State Park in her youth. He was also the one who passed her the love to cars. All in all, Criminal Intent drew a positive picture of Johnny Eames I liked. Finally in season 10 we met Mr. Eames. He was not likeable and very mean to his daughter: *sigh*.

Last Name Basis: When the two main characters of Criminal Intent address and use their names, it’s in the most cases their last name. Okay, Alex says a few times Bobby but Bobby uses Alex only six times in 10 years. Here you can find a list who said what when.

Like Brother and Sister: I hate to confess, but this is the term Bobby feels his relationship to Alex. He called her sis, as he is in Tates. Okay, maybe that was cover not to blow his undercover mission. But he repeated that Alex is like a sister for him in season ten. Dr. Gyson, his mandatory therapist, asked him if he loves Alex. Bobby’s reaction is very intense and not what I hoped for so long. Of course I knew we would never get a driving together in the sunset, married with children (hehehe, at least we got the sunset drive), but to get such a final answer of this 10 year dance of if or if not, ship or no ship, everyone could interpret everything felt flat.
On the other side it’s so cute when Vincent said about Kathryn that she is like a sister for him. That is so cute and get me in a very good mood. Take a look.

Mad Artist: Criminal Intent portrayed a few artists like singer, actor, designers but also drawer. During season four we met Spencer Farnell at The Posthumous Collection. He made breathtaking photos. The only downside, his models were death, so they can hold the pose forever...

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She Is Not My Girlfriend: What a shame. I wanted to show you a video mix of Zoonotic - the hooker scene, Brother’s Keeper – Frank asking if Alex is Bobby’s wife and Endgame – Francis wants to meet Bobby’s girlfriend. I’m not a video girl and I badly should start to learn how to use my new Magix program.

Words: 550+ = 22 pt
Pics: 49 = 24,5 pt
Gif: 1 = 1pt
+ list and rec
45,5 + points


  1. These are all great Antje. I especially love the Magic collection.

  2. Thank you so much Bev. Yeah to make the magic collection was fun, but I like the dead photos most ;o)