Tuesday, November 30, 2010

On Set of Criminal Intent

To fix my last post about Mother’s House, I visited the link section of their homepage. This way I found Michael Franklin’s internet platform.

He was a crew member for Mother’s House
[Hey everyone. We shot nine days straight.
My goal in life is to have a family. My second goal is to produce. And boy did I take my first baby steps on a short film that’s tougher than any low-budget feature I have ever worked on. I have never worked on such an ambitious project. And I loved every minute of it. I am still in awe at what we accomplished on Mother’s House.]
and also for Crackers.
[I almost went nuts on this short film.
“Crackers” was by far the hardest film i have ever worked on. A great cast and crew. And an awesome Director in Gregory Principato. I definitely want to work with him on a feature film. To take a quote from Nelson Mandela, “It always seems impossible until its done.”]
In addition he worked six years as a Production Assistant on Law and Order Criminal Intent. Michael loved every minute working with Vincent D’Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe.

I browsed through his photo gallery and found a lot of CI (guest) stars.

One image also shows Kathryn.

CI on Set

How cool, I can spot, Vincent and Kathryn, Chris and Annabella, Jamey and Courtney. There is also Erica Hampson. I can’t name which episode of Season 5 this is. Must be ITWSH if it’s not a promo meeting or something like this.

With following the link on the Cracker’s homepage. I also found this picture of Vincent with Sal Richards and Greg Principato:


Please reminder tomorrow at 1st December will start my Advent calendar for you.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Become a Backer for Mother’s House...

...and see your name in their credits.

With a small donation you can support the narrative short film with Kathryn Erbe and Tim Guinee. Go to Kickstarter and become a backer.

Until now 14 people helped and 24% of the goal of $2500US is funded.

Backer 1

See what you can get with your pledge:

Pledge $10 or more

The Sneak Peek: A “special thanks” mention on our website, plus a mini preproduction package containing copies of selected script pages with corresponding storyboards and screenshot.

Backer 2

Pledge $20 or more

LIMITED REWARD 28 of 30 remaining

The Eco-Friendly Goodie: a “special thanks” mention on our website, plus a handsome stainless steel “Peak Road Productions” re-usable water bottle, just like the ones carried by our cast and crew throughout the shoot.

Backer 4

Pledge $30 or more

LIMITED REWARD 37 of 40 remaining

Basic Crew Swag: a “special thanks” mention on our website, plus a Peak Road Productions “Mother’s House 2010” t-shirt. It’s the same shirt worn by the crew: durable 100% cotton, heather-gray, with black “Peak Road Productions” logo graphic. S, M, L, XL.

Backer 5
Pledge $45 or more

The Screener: a “special thanks” mention on our website, plus a copy of the DVD as soon as it’s available.

Pledge $65 or more

LIMITED REWARD 19 of 20 remaining

The Mystery Premium: a “special thanks” mention on our website, plus the DVD as soon as it’s available, plus a bit of the “Mother’s House” set dressing. Comes with a letter of authenticity and a screenshot from the scene where the item appeared. This could be anything... a scrap of curtain fabric, a photo, a child’s block, a tiny toy... let us surprise you!

Backer 3

Pledge $75 or more

LIMITED REWARD 9 of 10 remaining

The Swag Bundle: a “special thanks” mention on our website, plus the DVD as soon as it’s available, plus your choice of crew water bottle or crew t-shirt.
Pledge $100 or more
The Silver Screen: a “special thanks” mention on our website, plus the DVD as soon as it’s available, and your name in the “special thanks” section of the credit roll of the film itself.

Pledge $500 or more

The Golden Screen: a “special thanks” mention on our website, plus the DVD as soon as it’s available. Also includes an invitation for you and a guest to attend a screening in New York in early 2011 so you can see your name in the “special thanks” section of the credit roll of the film - on the biggest screen we can afford - for yourself. (Tickets to event only; travel is not provided).

Pledge $1,000 or more

LIMITED REWARD 1 of 1 remaining

The Limited. There is only one of these. Famed Marvel™ Comics (X-Men, Spiderman, Hulk) inker Dan Green designed, drew, inked and colored a 1960’s style comic book cover for Tim Guinee’s character to use in the film. It’s spectacular. You get a “special thanks” mention on our website, plus the DVD as soon as it’s available, your name in the “special thanks” section of the credit roll of the film itself, and a framed, archival-quality digital print of the comic book cover art signed by artist Dan Green.

I would spend the 500 bucks to be at this screening in New York, but who will support me and pay for the flight and a hotel?

All pictures from the Mother's House facebook page or fron kickstarter There is a on set picture of Kathryn...without watermark..

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ho Ho Ho

Hey F-list of LJ and Follower from my blog. The Christmas time started. Today is the first Sunday in Advent and the little Advent angel delivers a few sweets inside the Advent wreath…at least in our fir arrangement. The only Christmas decoration in our home.

Over the last weeks I planned to create an individual Advent calendar for you. Stop in the next 24 days here at my LJ or the Kathryn Blog and take a look if behind the wicket will hide a little something for you.


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mother's House - We're live on Kickstarter!

Mother's House is now on Kickstarter. They need a little more money for their post production.

We’ve got a gorgeous film, with terrific performances from Kathryn Erbe, Tim Guinee, Eddie Schweighardt, and Denny Dillon. The Sony XDCAM HD cinematography is spectacular, the sound is outstanding. We’re in the final stages of editing, adding music and sweetening the final audio mix.

This is a good film; we want people to see it.

The funds we receive here at Kickstarter will be used for the following:
  • Studio time for the final sound mix
  • Transfer costs to HDCAM and other festival-friendly screening formats
  • Entry fees and associated costs for film festivals
  • Marketing and publicity

The ultimate goal is to have “Mother’s House” seen by as many audiences as possible. You can make that happen.

Heartfelt thanks from director Davis Hall and producer Ingrid Price.

This project will only be funded if at least $2,500 is pledged by Friday Dec 31, 10:04am EST.

Check out The Mother's House Kickstarter page and become a Backer. There will be nice little or big prices for your donation.

Current status:
5 Backers
$155 pledged of $2,500 goal
34 days to go

Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Iconawrad - Round 4

Hey icon-makers, do you also asked yourself sometimes, why no one voted for this special one icon, you self likes most?

I asked me that many times, but now I found a community, where I nominate my own icons.

At The Iconaward there are a lot of categories, where you can enter your own work.

1. You can nominate a maximum of 2 icons per category.
2. Please make sure icons fit the categories.
3. Only nominate your OWN icons except for the ICON MAKER'S CHOICE AWARD.
4. Icons can be as old or as recent as you like.
5. You DO NOT have to nominate icons in every category - it's completely up to you! However, you MUST make TWO NOMINATIONS in the ICON MAKER'S CHOICE category.

Here are the icons I passed...it was a little difficult to scan through all my work and remembering the single categories.:

Alex in front of Bobby and than this gaze...what a perfect moment and Sharon Small as Barbara Havers. She rocked.


I lack so much with text. There are so many icon maker who rule, but me...oioioi, always a hard fight. But in these two icons I really like the text editing.


With the right one I won my first winner banner at alexeames_still. Yes, the entered one are not only 'looser' ;o). I made it at my university while the lunch break. The second one I made for my Vincent and Kathryn Good Bye Binder collage. I'm so happy that we can switch


I'm really in love with the left one but get no votes for it.


If I remember right the left one made the first place and the right one is really old, but still good. Amazing that I found even with PPP the right threshold to see Alex's beautiful face only with black and white.





It's so cool and amazing when I see other LJ user with my icons in their collection. Thanks so much. I feel so honored.

by tjara
by tjara

I should tell the Icon Maker's Choice person, that I added their work...so tjara, now you know ;o)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

100 Drabble - Junk Food

Title: Oily Fingerprints
Prompt: Junk Food
Characters: Alexandra Eames/Megan Wheeler
Rating: K
Word Count: 100

“Are they serious?” Megan said. She reached the SUV I normally shared with Goren three steps before me. I closed the gap and gazed into the car. My jaw hung open.

There was greasy paper on the back seats and a smeary take out box joined empty and splotchy coffee cups on the floor. The icing on the cake was a half-eaten cheeseburger lonely and abandoned on the passenger seat, someone’s oily fingerprints still on the wheel.

“How long was Goren and Logan’s stakeout?”

I just rolled my eyes and mumbled. “They're lucky they behave differently when they're with us.”

Friday, November 19, 2010

Kathryn Erbe isn't Cracking Down on Her Cookie Addiction

“My 4-year-old son Carson and I had some of a gigantic Oreo-cookie cupcake and a Halloween sugar cookie.”
Photo: Melissa Hom

GrubStreet New York (daily food news) 10/4/07

In tonight’s season premiere of Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Detective Eames revisits the murder of her late husband. Eames has a weakness for double-vodka martinis, but the actress who plays her, Kathryn Erbe, says her only remaining vices are sugar and caffeine. “I have a terrible sweet tooth,” she tells us. “I’m a cookie addict.” We suppose it’s better than being the sort of addict that she fights in CI — she is a mom and all. So where does the Brooklynite feed her habit?

Thursday, October 4
This morning I was doing the Today show. I was running my son to school, and my daughter was sick. When I’m with my kids, I grab whatever I can find. I had a large iced coffee with soy and sugar and a strawberry nonfat Stonyfield Farm yogurt.

For lunch, embarrassingly enough (it’s not very impressive nutritionally), I had a big red organic pear from Fairway and roasted peas.

Wednesday, October 3
I had a peach yogurt and iced coffee.

For lunch I had a leftover chicken sausage that I had made for dinner last Thursday and a Rice Krispie Treat. I only have caffeine and sugar left as far as vices go so I take advantage as much as possible.

For dinner I had some warmed-up penne with butter and Parmesan cheese that my babysitter had made. I am a big fan of leftovers. I buy way too much food, and then when I’m working, it sits in the fridge and doesn’t get eaten. I get horrified by how much I waste. I’ve tried to be a lot better about it. I love ordering in and eating in restaurants, but after a while, there’s something missing.

Tuesday, October 2
I had a strawberry yogurt and iced coffee.

I went to Tea Lounge. I spend a lot of time there. I had the house salad, which I get a lot. I get extra guacamole and have them leave out the peppers. It has Feta cheese and croutons. My 4-year-old son Carson and I had some of a gigantic Oreo-cookie cupcake and a Halloween sugar cookie.

For dinner I had a barbecued chicken from Fairway. I had leftover arugula salad with roasted beets that I got at a little market on Court Street. I cut up some Coach Farm triple crème goat cheese and then some wine vinaigrette.

Monday, October 1
I had iced coffee with soy milk.

I had a slice of broccoli pizza from Pacifico Pizza on Pacific and Smith.

For dinner my daughter asked if I could make guacamole. I forgot the tomatoes so it was guacamole with cilantro and a lot of red onions and lime. We had blue-corn chips, and I marinated a tuna steak in tamari, garlic, and cilantro.

Sunday, September 30
I had coffee with soy milk and shared a chocolate-cinnamon loaf from Starbucks on the way to church.

At the Tea Lounge I had tomato-basil quiche and an iced coffee.

For dinner I went to the new Markt and had mussels in garlic and cream, and I asked them to put cilantro in. It was nice to be outside.

Saturday, September 29
I had iced coffee for breakfast and then had a turkey burger with avocado and fries from BLT Burger. And sour-cream pie with vanilla ice cream.

For dinner I had leftover chili. Last year we ate a lot of tuna casserole, and my daughter found tuna bones so I can’t make that anymore. This year, chili is the new tuna casserole. I used to really restrict myself as far as what I ate. I’ve gotten less concerned. Lately I’ve chosen happiness over skinniness.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Buying toys can help libraries

or what I called a very long time the punch pictures.

Wednesday, October 17th 2007, 4:00 AM

City school libraries will get a boost today when Caroline Kennedy helps a group of Brooklyn stores raise money for books to get more kids reading.

Kennedy, who will be joined by borough stars Maggie Gyllenhaal and Kathryn Erbe, will encourage shoppers at the Acorn toy store on Atlantic Ave. to spend so their money can be used to beef up school libraries. Shop for Class, a program that benefits schools, has recommended that Acorn and other participating shops donate 2% of their sales during the promotion.

The funds are sorely needed, said Kennedy: New York State spends only an average of $6.25 per student on school libraries, she said. "It's nowhere near enough to have quality libraries in all our schools," Kennedy said.

Meanwhile, Kennedy called Mayor Bloomberg's pilot program to pay students for high test scores "interesting."

"It's making people think, which is a good thing," she said. "I can see why people don't like it. Kids who work hard should get rewarded, and hopefully those rewards will take many forms."

To help school libraries, shoppers also will be encouraged to visit other stores, such as Abu's Homestyle Bakery in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Slope Sports in Park Slope and Daffy's in the Atlantic Terminal Mall.

Because the Education Department has made improving middle schools a key issue, Kennedy said she hoped to give much of the money raised to those libraries. Schools and school libraries can apply for grants of up to $10,000.

The Fund for Public Schools has raised $3.5 million since 2004 for school libraries. Shop for Class, which is sponsored by the fund and NYC & Company, has raised $1.5 million of that.

The program is designed to help schools create "collections that were best suited to their school," said Kennedy, including books in different languages or for different age groups.

Acorn co-owner Karin Schaefer, a visual artist who worked in city schools in poor neighborhoods for eight years, said she liked the idea of giving back to the community in Brooklyn.

"It's really a philosophical part of the shop to have charities that are connected to our values," she said.

Source: NYDailyNews.com

Reade here more about the The Fund for Public Schools

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

100 Drabble - Pink

Title: Hot Pink
Characters: Alexandra Eames/Robert Goren
Rating: T
Word Count: 109

Oh, hot pink. Not a pale rosé, really screaming pink. I hadn’t planned to gaze into Eames’ neckline, but as she walked around our desks and bent down to look over my shoulder on an interesting paper…

…it happened by accident. Her black blouse – top three buttons undone – opened a bit and I could see her bra.

The only thing I could think about...did she also wear matching panties?

‘STOP IT BRAIN!’ I had to call eleven more people on the list.

Alex finished her duties quicker than me. She walked to the gun-locker and crouched in front of me – her blouse rode up – gasp! Hot pink as well.

Monday, November 15, 2010

CI 20 in 20 - Round 4

These are my entries of Round 4 of crimintent20in20.

With thanks to the texture maker: bttrfly_kiss, haudvafra and dreamsofkate.



Category #1Category #2Category #3
Category #4Category #5
Artist's Choice #1Artist's Choice #2Artist's Choice #3
Artist's Choice #4Artist's Choice #5

Plus extras of Favorite Scene: