Friday, November 19, 2010

Kathryn Erbe isn't Cracking Down on Her Cookie Addiction

“My 4-year-old son Carson and I had some of a gigantic Oreo-cookie cupcake and a Halloween sugar cookie.”
Photo: Melissa Hom

GrubStreet New York (daily food news) 10/4/07

In tonight’s season premiere of Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Detective Eames revisits the murder of her late husband. Eames has a weakness for double-vodka martinis, but the actress who plays her, Kathryn Erbe, says her only remaining vices are sugar and caffeine. “I have a terrible sweet tooth,” she tells us. “I’m a cookie addict.” We suppose it’s better than being the sort of addict that she fights in CI — she is a mom and all. So where does the Brooklynite feed her habit?

Thursday, October 4
This morning I was doing the Today show. I was running my son to school, and my daughter was sick. When I’m with my kids, I grab whatever I can find. I had a large iced coffee with soy and sugar and a strawberry nonfat Stonyfield Farm yogurt.

For lunch, embarrassingly enough (it’s not very impressive nutritionally), I had a big red organic pear from Fairway and roasted peas.

Wednesday, October 3
I had a peach yogurt and iced coffee.

For lunch I had a leftover chicken sausage that I had made for dinner last Thursday and a Rice Krispie Treat. I only have caffeine and sugar left as far as vices go so I take advantage as much as possible.

For dinner I had some warmed-up penne with butter and Parmesan cheese that my babysitter had made. I am a big fan of leftovers. I buy way too much food, and then when I’m working, it sits in the fridge and doesn’t get eaten. I get horrified by how much I waste. I’ve tried to be a lot better about it. I love ordering in and eating in restaurants, but after a while, there’s something missing.

Tuesday, October 2
I had a strawberry yogurt and iced coffee.

I went to Tea Lounge. I spend a lot of time there. I had the house salad, which I get a lot. I get extra guacamole and have them leave out the peppers. It has Feta cheese and croutons. My 4-year-old son Carson and I had some of a gigantic Oreo-cookie cupcake and a Halloween sugar cookie.

For dinner I had a barbecued chicken from Fairway. I had leftover arugula salad with roasted beets that I got at a little market on Court Street. I cut up some Coach Farm triple crème goat cheese and then some wine vinaigrette.

Monday, October 1
I had iced coffee with soy milk.

I had a slice of broccoli pizza from Pacifico Pizza on Pacific and Smith.

For dinner my daughter asked if I could make guacamole. I forgot the tomatoes so it was guacamole with cilantro and a lot of red onions and lime. We had blue-corn chips, and I marinated a tuna steak in tamari, garlic, and cilantro.

Sunday, September 30
I had coffee with soy milk and shared a chocolate-cinnamon loaf from Starbucks on the way to church.

At the Tea Lounge I had tomato-basil quiche and an iced coffee.

For dinner I went to the new Markt and had mussels in garlic and cream, and I asked them to put cilantro in. It was nice to be outside.

Saturday, September 29
I had iced coffee for breakfast and then had a turkey burger with avocado and fries from BLT Burger. And sour-cream pie with vanilla ice cream.

For dinner I had leftover chili. Last year we ate a lot of tuna casserole, and my daughter found tuna bones so I can’t make that anymore. This year, chili is the new tuna casserole. I used to really restrict myself as far as what I ate. I’ve gotten less concerned. Lately I’ve chosen happiness over skinniness.

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  1. I like her attitude. Happiness over skinniness has been my philosophy too. I didn't think her diet looked to bad though,with soy and tuna and chicken. No red meat!