Sunday, November 7, 2010

Filming of Criminal Intent Season 10 in January

Vincent said it again. The filming of the new season of Criminal Intent will start in January. I read two news at 'on location vacation' that they wanted to start in end of October, but I think they meant the castings, writing, location finding.


  1. Yup, I think your right Havers. We might get a March premier, but probably not till June.

  2. I thought October seemed too early. They need more time to write some good scripts...even though Vincent said they are good it doesn't seem like it would've been enough time.

  3. I can wait, Bev. I want really good scrips and plausible plots. Therefore I can wait a little longer. And both actors have so many (okay Vincent much more) projects in the last months. They fill the gap perfectly.

    It seams with the globalism and everyone with an internet connection can post everything that no one is checking sources anymore. Therefore maybe the October rumor, Nantz.

    If Vincent really has an eye on the scripts, I'm relieved. Then we'll get eight great episodes.

  4. Oh Bev, how come you expect them to do this? *ggggggggggg*

  5. Oh, I know reality sucks. It's already felt like a lifetime since Vincent and Kathryn left LOCI. The waiting is torture, which will actually make their return that much sweeter.

  6. I'am so glad.
    I can't wait for the new series, I just pray it isn't the last. Please Mr. Wolf no killing them off.I was heart broken to learn they left. I discovered this fact after part 2 of loyalty. It was a huge shock. These two actors are the best detective team there has ever been, and criminal intent is the best there is.
    I want to thank Vincent and Kate for the many many hours of pleasure they have given us, and Mr Wolf for making this all possible. To NBC shame on you,