Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Criminal Intent - Season 9 in German TV

Tomorrow will start Season 9 of Criminal Intent on vox. The network will show both Loyalty episodes together. Here the trailer.


  1. Ewww, how are you feeling about this Havers? Are you going to watch?

  2. Oh Bev...I still don't know. I saw L1 two times and L2 just one time to the date at the US airing. I'm happy about Torrents ;o)

    Okay, I saw the final 2 minutes of Loyalty many more times ;o)

    I think I'll watch it. I need the translation to get really the whole plot and the details. I really love the German voices of Bobby and Alex. And now I know, it's not the end. I can watch the both episodes with much more relieve. We'll see more about Alex and Bobby...eight ep more. It's so unbelievable and they really need good scripts to let me forget the lame plot of L2.

  3. hast du nett gemacht .
    man muß die deutsche Fassung sehen .

  4. That'll be nice to watch it knowing that they're both coming back...much better than when I watched it!

  5. Na rennschnecke, wie hast du gestern überstanden?

    Oh yes, Nantz. It was much more relieving than in spring as I watched the English version.

    We know they'll be back and this ugly L2 will not be their last watchable case.

  6. Es war gekürzt , glaube ich .
    besser als 2 teile .
    ja, war o.k., haut einen nicht um,
    war keine typische c.i. Geschichte .
    Nachdem Alex verschwunden ist
    ist ja die Boston Legal sexbombe
    ( nicht böse sein ) da .
    hmm wenigstens etwas ;-)