Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mother's House at Woodstock Film Festival

Mother’s House will be part of the SHORTS SECTION Lost & Found and will have two screenings.

Woodstock Film Festival claimed their schedule.

Kleinert/James Art Center WOODSTOCK 09/23/2011 3:00pm $10
Kleinert/James Art Center WOODSTOCK 09/25/2011 11:00am $10

Get your tickets here.


Nantz posted on her Vinni Vidi Vici blog a short article/poll by Cynthia Nellis August 24, 2011. Why my Kathryn Erbe google alert or other article sources didn’t inform me? Thanks my friend for finding.

POLL: Do dressy shorts work after 45?
Short shorts are appearing on red carpet after 40. Thoughts?

Dressy shorts (shorts worn for more formal events like parties and red carpet events) started popping up last year. There were shorts with tights. Leather shorts. Even lace shorts.
As an alternative to the miniskirt, dressy shorts even seem like a fresh way to dress for events in a way that's young and fresh.

The question: are dressy shorts to young for grown-ups?

At a recent event actress 40-something Kathryn Erbe wore an all-black ensemble with short shorts. And 50-something socialite Helen Lee Schifter wore an all-white shorts look.
Both women undoubtedly have the legs (and overall figure) to wear dressy shorts.

But is this a look that works after 45? Share your thoughts!

Too Old to Wear Dressy Shorts?

Go to the poll

First of all it was/is a very HOT summer in the US plus there is only one answer when looking at the following slide show:

Kathryn looking great in mini skirt and dressy short. Both can be elegant, sportive or casual.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

100 Drabble - Storm

Title: Dinner in the Dark
Prompt: Storm
Characters: Alexandra Eames and Robert Goren
Rating: T
Word Count: 103

“Come in, you’re getting totally soaked,” Alex shouted, as Bobby reached her porch. She passed him a towel and reached for the water bottles he carried. “Did the Mustang fit into the garage?”

“Yes,” Bobby replied, and rubbed his head. “There was enough space next to your car.” He followed Alex into the kitchen, peeking into the dining room at the delicious meal on the table. “Thanks for letting me stay with you after Greenpoint was declared an evacuation zone.”

“You’re welcome,” Alex whispered as they lose power and darkness swallowed everything beside the booming storm.

“I…I think we’ll have a candlelit dinner.”

Monday, August 29, 2011

Fabulous Film Festival Fall

If you follow the Kathryn 2010 to 2011 or Current Movie Project section here at my blog you already know that Mother’s House will be shown in several film festivals in the next months.

Try to catch one of the events (exact dates will be published the next days) and watch Mother’s House! The movie is worth to start being a film festival visitor.

September 21-25 - the 12th annual Woodstock Film Festival [New York]
October 06-09 - Louisville's International Festival of Film (LIFF) [Kentucky]
October 20-23 - Mother's House at Ojai Film Festival [California]

When you’re not close enough to one of these three places, I know there will be even more film festivals to catch the movie. Just check the MH facebook wall or the homepage and you’re up to date.

August 19th there also popped up the news that the wonderful film of Ingrid Price and Davis Hall won the 2011 Silver Colorado Film Award.

2011 Colorado Film Festival Announces Award Winners: Colorado Film Award - Silver is awarded to Mother's House (USA) directed by Davis Hall. While emptying his late mother's rural home, Thomas and his wife, Catherine, discover increasingly disturbing secrets until the conflict between memory and truth threatens to destroy them both.

Congratulation even when I couldn’t find any information about this organization. I think even the MH team didn’t know for sure. See their kickstarter entry:

Dear Kickstarters,
We're not sure what the "Silver Colorado Film Award" is, but we're mighty proud that Mother's House won it!
Go, Team, go!

Chris Washington posted the second part of the One Year Later clip. I think you can catch a glimpse of Kathryn when filming the car scene. But I’m not sure. Enjoy Tim dancing on the wire.

There are no more news about Kathryn’s other movies beside one tweet of Richard Tanne after a question of Nantz.

richardtanne Richard Tanne
We're in the last stages of post. Film will be totally complete in early September! RT @Nantzee Anything new with "Worst Friends?"

Friday, August 26, 2011

Law & Order: Internal Affairs

Episode 1x17: Create-a-Show
Ep Summary: Create your own original television show!

I can’t tell you how much fun tvrealm is. Finally I could put together a show idea I had in my mind for years. I always wanted to watch a show about the Internal Affairs Bureau. In crime shows the officers of the IAB are always portrayed very badly but I wanted to look behind…
I couldn’t think of a better format than the Law & Order franchise to realize:

Law & Order: Internal Affairs

With thanks to [info]citjara for suggestions and her beta work.

“History tells us there always will be bad cops betraying the badge. But there are also the little-known agents of the New York City’s Internal Affairs Bureau rooting them out. These are their stories.”

The hour long crime show is centered around the Internal Affairs Bureau, which is often derided as ‘The Rat Squad’ by the rest of the NYPD. The Officers are flamed as cheese, grass or meat eaters. L&O: IA is the new incarnation of Dick Wolf’s Law & Order franchise and follows one team of the Investigative Review Unit (IRU), located at IAB headquarters on 315 Hudson Street. The team consist of five cops who investigate in each of the 76 NYC police precincts, revealing cases of narcotics abuse, theft, fraud, bribery, perjury, conspiracy, unauthorized off-duty employment, sex offenses and all other forms of police corruption, be it on or off duty. On top, the IAB investigates all instances in which their colleagues have used their firearm, be it to uproot another corrupt cop or to clear a fellow officer.

Lieutenant Eugene Hayle played by Thom Barry

Lieutenant Eugene Hayle is the unit head of the portrayed IAB Investigative Review Unit. He has come to terms with being more of a politician than a cop. But he still misses the streets of New York during the long hours behind his desk working for the annual report of the IAB and CompStat. Eugene usually gets the IAB orders from the Chief and disperses them to his detectives. He is very happy about his new team members, Detective Lea, as he feels his unit is now perfectly balanced and will be more successful than ever before.
Eugene and his wife live in Queens. Their children are grown up and they are looking forward their first grandchild, who will be born during the first season. As Hayle is also approaching retirement in a few years, he passes on more and more of his administrative work to Sergeant Lime. He thinks Harry would make a great team leader.

Sergeant Harry Lime played by James Spader

Sergeant Harry Lime is the connection between Lieutenant Hayle and the three Detectives of the Investigative Review Unit. In the field, he leads the team and arrests NYPD members charged with criminal offenses. Harry has no problem being an IAB cop. He knows how to defend himself and his colleagues from hostility with his sharp tongue. His mission is to clean the NYPD, ensuring the boys in blue actually protect and the serve the people of New York City. Although Harry likes the extra duties Eugene passes to him during the first season, he doesn’t know if he ever wants Hayle’s job. He loves to investigate outside the office and does not like the game of politics associated with team leader position.
Harry lives in Manhattan. He has been married three times and got divorced three times. He is a man who loves the women but also knows that a relationship is hard work, even harder work for a cop.

Detective Henry Lovell played by Justin Chambers

Detective Henry Lovell, the oldest of the three Detective of the Investigative Review Unit is a former military police sergeant and desert storm veteran. He knows how to handle hostilities because of investigating against the ‘home team’. Like Sergeant Lime, Henry wants his hometown and neighborhood crime free. To get New York City clean there needs to be a perfect working NYPD and Detective Lovell makes sure of getting rid of problem officers. He hates every form of corruption and is very resolute during the investigations. As a firearm expert Henry also works a lot of weapon cases. He would never admit but it feels good to clear a cop now and then.
Henry is a widower after his wife died of cancer a couple of years ago. He raised his eleven year old daughter Elizabeth in Brooklyn.

Detective Esmeralda Vega played my Justina Machado

Detective Esmeralda Vega, the 34 years old cop is nearly her whole police life employed at the Internal Affair Bureau. After the two mandatory years patrol duty Detective Vega started at the Command Center receiving phone calls and letters collecting tips. It followed a few years as officer of the IAB vehicle enforcement unit. Esmeralda drove one of the big tow trucks and hunted for NYPD members misusing their special parking placard by, for example, blocking a loading zone or fire hydrants. She knows the structures of the bureau very well. Esmeralda is an inherent part of the IRU team and has found a good friend in Sergeant Harry Lime.
Esmeralda lives in Brooklyn with her family. She is the mother of Diego, 10, and Teresa, 8. Her husband Enrico is also a NYPD detective with the Narcotics Division. During the first season, he comes under scrutiny for selling drugs. The charges ultimately lead to the break of up Esmeralda’s and Enrico’s marriage.

Detective Joshua Lea played by Adam Brody

Detective Lea is the youngest member of the IRU team. He starts his detective duty at the Internal Affairs Bureau at the beginning of the first episode. Through his eyes, the audience gets to know the structures and characters of the unit. He is not completely happy about his promotion to IAB, as he has worked hard for his gold shield and has a hard time not being “liked” by his fellow police officers. He is impressed at how cool his Sergeant and Detective Vega and Lovell brush off all the hostilities. During the first few episodes he learns how important the bureau and its work is. Joshua has a keen temper and is never shy of a joke.
Joshua lives in a tiny apartment in Manhattan, finally big apple. But he enjoys spending his free weekends in Staten Island, the place of his youth.

ADA Rebecca Cunningham played by Melinda Clark

Rebecca Cunningham completes the IAB team when the investigated cases involve higher crime and corrupt officers are accused at a federal court instead the Police Department trial.

The opener of Law & Order: Internal Affairs takes place in winter 2009/2010. To the beginning we see each team member of the IRU working and investigating.
Lieutenant Eugene Hayle has a secret meeting, discussing with Chief Campisi. In the end he gets the advice to be careful and he reached for a folder.
Sergeant Harry Lime welcomes the new IRU member, Detective Lea. He shows him his desk and introduces Joshua to the Detectives Vega and Lovell. Esmeralda is working on three cases of testilying. Officers of the 42nd Precincts lied in court. Henry reconstructs a gunfight of two Detectives with four drug dealers in Harlem.
But all current cases come to a stop as Eugene enters the office. He presents the new team case suspect: NYPD Chief of Detectives Kenny Moran. Even the Chief of the IAB couldn’t ignore all the tips and logs against Kenny Moran any longer. Beside irreproducible personal decisions, Moran should have taken money to prefer arming producers.
The team is not happy in the end. They solve the case and collected many evidence to proof the corruption. But Chief Campisi stops the investigation before they could arrest the CoD. It would have been a too big scandal for the NYPD.
In the end Moran will be kicked upstairs to Albany to get rid of him. At least the team can check all of Moran’s suspensions and firings. Harry gets a big manila folder. He opens the binder. At the first page the Academy picture of Robert Goren is tacked and we fade to black.

Sources: For closer information about the NYPD Internal Affair Bureau I used the following web links. The New York Times article was a huge help.
When you also want to have so much fun...


A landcomm for all things TV. Four teams, unique challenges, and endless fun.
Season 2 starts September 5th. Join the madness.

Rules | Apply

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pimp Season 2 and Tarot Cards


A landcomm for all things TV. Four teams, unique challenges, and endless fun.
Season 2 starts September 5th. Join the madness.

Rules | Apply

Join tvrealm for the second season. It's much fun and you can be creative in never expected dimensions.

Episode 1x21: Tarot Cards
Ep Summary: Create television tarot cards.

The Magician The Lovers Justice Death The Devil Judment

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dog in Baby Buggy

As I walked home from work today I saw a man wheeling his West Highland White Terrier in a baby buggy. Why I smirked as he passed me? least it didn't rained ;o)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bluebird - Opening Night

As I had done researches for 10 x 25 a few weeks ago I also saw at the Atlantic Theater homepage that Bluebird should be their next play, starting August 9th. Kathryn attended several opening events of plays in the last couple of months. I hoped she would visit Bluebird as well, especially because it’s her company.
I was a little sad that I couldn’t find anything around August 9th, but am today so much happier to read a tweet saying Kathryn attended Bluebird:

theatermania Theatermania
Pix: Kathryn Erbe, Isiah Whitlock, Jr. et al. at BLUEBIRD @AtlanticTheater opening -

Unbelievable the play will run until September 9th and is already sold out!

BLUEBIRD tells the story of Jimmy MacNeill (Beale), a London taxi driver who seems to draw personal stories and confessions from his passengers without even trying. Over the course of Simon Stephens’ meticulously observed and deeply compassionate play, the truth of Jimmy’s own life and secret burdens unfurls with each new “fare.”

I really like the simple outfit of Kathryn. She is looking gorgeos.

Take a look at a few more pictures and visit the links for even more pics [with several water marks].

Kathryn Erbe - Opening night after party for the Atlantic Theater Company production of 'Bluebird' held at Jake's Saloon. New York City, USA - 22.08.11.

TheaterMania - David Gordon
Getty Images - Ben Gabbe
WireImage - John Lamparski, Ben Gabbe


Friday, August 19, 2011

Kathryn between big guys

I tried to find the photos Kathryn and Vincent did here with Brandon Jacobs on set but had no luck. Oh dear, I miss Bobby and Alex badly. I want them back.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

TVRealm Episodes and Prof. Moriarty 20 in 20

Unbelievable, but Team Chiller is first place at [info]tvrealm and there are only two more weeks until the end of the first round.

Episode 1x15: Through Their Eyes
Ep Summary: Rewrite a scene from a show from a specific character's P.O.V.

Title: First Kiss 2.0
Fandom: Law&Order: Criminal Intent
Scene that's being rewritten: The final scene of the show. [10 x 08 To the Boy in the blue Knit Cap]
Character: Alexandra Eames/Robert Goren
Unscreen Y/N: Y
Rating: T
Wordcount: 293
A/N 1: Extension of my 100 drabble: First Kiss
A/N 2: With beta help of [info]gorengal.

The Sunday sun blinded me for a second as I left Dr. Gyson’s office. I’m relieved that she’d agreed to continue the sessions. I…I couldn’t play the whole shrink game again with being kind, yelling, lying, accepting rules and trust. It was hard for the first time and I hope the doctor can help me with the anger.

There was Eames, beside our black SUV. She smiled up at me. How could I not smile back and welcome her?


“How did it go?” she asked.


“Good.” Even more smiles. What’s going on?

A call had come in. A DOA at a bank on West 44th Street and the Feds were on the way. I hoped that was not the only reason why she waited for me.

“I thought WE might want to…”

“…get there first.” We finished together, and my heart beat like hell. Eames slipped into the passenger’s seat, passing me another encouraging gaze. Click, at a single blow everything was so clear. I walked around the car, hitting the engine hood to confirm the change.

Alex was waiting for me so I got on my usual spot.

“Let’s go!” I said between all the smiles, gazes and my crazy running thoughts. Alex started the engine and we drove in a languorous silence down the street. The first red light let me take another look at Alex. Why did I need so badly to rest my eyes on her familiar face? It felt like looking at her for the first time.

Carefully I reached for her chin, brushed her cheek with my thumb. I pulled her face closer and laid my lips gently on hers.

“Let the FEDS take the DOA. It’s a beautiful Sunday,” I whispered against her lips.

Episode 1x19: Sexual Tension
Ep Summary: :D Write a tv fic OR create a graphic with some sexual tension.

I made a pickspam of Bobby Goren and Alex Eames - To the Boy in the Blue Knit Cap and five Dana Scully and Fox Mulder icons. Wow, my first X-Files icons ever. Now I asked me why I never did them before.

Sexual Tension PickSpam

Sexual Tension 3 Sexual Tension 2 Sexual Tension 1 Sexual Tension 5 Sexual Tension 4


Prof. James Moriarty for [info]history20in20 round fife - myths & legents.

Textures: [info]absolutetrouble @ [info]darkshadows , [info]meathiel

I finally watched my Sherlock - Case of Evil DVD for this challenge. Sweet tv production with a great Vincent D'Onofrio as Prof. Moriarty. I also had luck that German TV aired the new BBC Sherlock Holmes show the last weeks. I hadn't expected such a young Moriarty but Andrew Scott did a good job. In addition I used also drawings for my icons.

Past Future Falling Hero Love?

Strength Pain Frozen Weapon End

category - Mists of Avalon
#1 #2 #3 #4 #5

artist's choice
#1 #2 #3 #4 #5

Plus five more: