Monday, August 1, 2011

Mother's House: One Year Later Part 1

Exactly one year ago, production began on the short film, "Mother's House." In part one of this special video, Davis Hall and Ingrid Price sit down and go over the timeline between then and now, as they wait to hear word on whether or not the film will be accepted into the fall film festivals.

I couldn't spot Kathryn in the video but Tim make funambulation with Edie in his

Made by Chris Washington.

About one year ago, at a small house in stone ridge, Mother’s House began it’s first day of production. For the most part, a majority of the crew had either little or no experience working on a film set (myself included). Fast forward to today and you see that a lot has happened. After nine days of shooting followed by countless months of post-production, the film has now been shown at multiple festivals and may possibly be shown at more during the fall season.

For this occasion, I asked Ingrid Price and Davis Hall to give their thoughts on the whole journey of Mother’s House. In part one of the video, both producers talk a little bit about what happened after shooting stopped as well as talk about their experience at the Breckenridge Film Festival.


Mother’s House Facebook Page
Mother’s House Twitter Page
Peak Road Productions

I can't wait of the fall season and many more film festival dates.

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