Thursday, August 18, 2011

TVRealm Episodes and Prof. Moriarty 20 in 20

Unbelievable, but Team Chiller is first place at [info]tvrealm and there are only two more weeks until the end of the first round.

Episode 1x15: Through Their Eyes
Ep Summary: Rewrite a scene from a show from a specific character's P.O.V.

Title: First Kiss 2.0
Fandom: Law&Order: Criminal Intent
Scene that's being rewritten: The final scene of the show. [10 x 08 To the Boy in the blue Knit Cap]
Character: Alexandra Eames/Robert Goren
Unscreen Y/N: Y
Rating: T
Wordcount: 293
A/N 1: Extension of my 100 drabble: First Kiss
A/N 2: With beta help of [info]gorengal.

The Sunday sun blinded me for a second as I left Dr. Gyson’s office. I’m relieved that she’d agreed to continue the sessions. I…I couldn’t play the whole shrink game again with being kind, yelling, lying, accepting rules and trust. It was hard for the first time and I hope the doctor can help me with the anger.

There was Eames, beside our black SUV. She smiled up at me. How could I not smile back and welcome her?


“How did it go?” she asked.


“Good.” Even more smiles. What’s going on?

A call had come in. A DOA at a bank on West 44th Street and the Feds were on the way. I hoped that was not the only reason why she waited for me.

“I thought WE might want to…”

“…get there first.” We finished together, and my heart beat like hell. Eames slipped into the passenger’s seat, passing me another encouraging gaze. Click, at a single blow everything was so clear. I walked around the car, hitting the engine hood to confirm the change.

Alex was waiting for me so I got on my usual spot.

“Let’s go!” I said between all the smiles, gazes and my crazy running thoughts. Alex started the engine and we drove in a languorous silence down the street. The first red light let me take another look at Alex. Why did I need so badly to rest my eyes on her familiar face? It felt like looking at her for the first time.

Carefully I reached for her chin, brushed her cheek with my thumb. I pulled her face closer and laid my lips gently on hers.

“Let the FEDS take the DOA. It’s a beautiful Sunday,” I whispered against her lips.

Episode 1x19: Sexual Tension
Ep Summary: :D Write a tv fic OR create a graphic with some sexual tension.

I made a pickspam of Bobby Goren and Alex Eames - To the Boy in the Blue Knit Cap and five Dana Scully and Fox Mulder icons. Wow, my first X-Files icons ever. Now I asked me why I never did them before.

Sexual Tension PickSpam

Sexual Tension 3 Sexual Tension 2 Sexual Tension 1 Sexual Tension 5 Sexual Tension 4


Prof. James Moriarty for [info]history20in20 round fife - myths & legents.

Textures: [info]absolutetrouble @ [info]darkshadows , [info]meathiel

I finally watched my Sherlock - Case of Evil DVD for this challenge. Sweet tv production with a great Vincent D'Onofrio as Prof. Moriarty. I also had luck that German TV aired the new BBC Sherlock Holmes show the last weeks. I hadn't expected such a young Moriarty but Andrew Scott did a good job. In addition I used also drawings for my icons.

Past Future Falling Hero Love?

Strength Pain Frozen Weapon End

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  1. I love your drabble First kiss, that so should of happened at the end before they drove away.

  2. Thank you jojolou. This is my perfect end for the show. God, I miss Bobby and Alex.

  3. Wow! What a crop! More icons than apples!
    And X-Files - Wow! Thanks for the feast for the eyes.

  4. Wait, wait, wait! I was reading the comment and looking for the First Kiss icon....
    OMG! I LOVE this drabble! How sweet is that? Thanks! You made my day.

  5. Thank you my friend. Yes, this post was longer with much different stuff inside. Good that you found First Kiss 2.0 in the end ;o)