Friday, August 12, 2011

Eric Icons and WGA Strike

I saw this amazing I AM Theatre clip of Eric Bogosian a couple of days ago (hoping they will make such a clip with Kathryn as well) and decided to icon Eric for round 22 of [info]guys20in20.

Because the mod had vacation plans for August it's a 10 icon only round. Perfect! Here are my results:

Texture: [info]bttrfly_kiss, [info]lookslikerain
Psd: [info]navi_glow

lyricsfaceless smile color splash far away

#1 #2 #3 #4 #5

plus three:

As I was looking for Eric pictures I also found one of him at the WGA strike back in 2007/2008. At the photo stream of UnitedHollywood I found many more Law and Order actors supporting their writers at December 18th.

I knew that Vincent was there, too but also remembered that there where no Kathryn images. With a little more research I found an article saying that Kathryn and Vincent join the striking writers February 1st. I own pictures, but never connected them with the WGA.

While browsing through the web on more information about the writers strike I found this funny entry of Jryan on the USA message board:

What could happen if Dick Wolfe Hired NON UNION Writers to cross the Picket Lines.

Posted Image
Eames: Bobby, I am Pregnant, I am not sure the father is Either you, Ross, Logan or Riche.
Goren: Wait a minute, we never had sex Eames.
Eames: I know, I got it from a sperm bank.
Goren: I never went to a sperm bank.
Eames: Nicole drugged you and used a cattle prod and collected your sperm, Ross, and Logan.
Goren: What about Riche?
Eames: Well I got drunk one night and ....
Goren/now VDO: Wait, Wait this isn't going to work SVU did an episode of this a few Season's back, fans aren't going to buy this!
Erbe: I know, I think the guy who wrote this is from General Hospital.
VDO: Why do you say that?
Erbe: Cause the next line, I tell you I am marrying Donny and Donny is really your son, so this child is yours and its also your grandchild.
VDO: Oh Brother.
Erbe: Oh Frank is really your sister.


  1. This is so funny. Did you ever see the video they all did, supporting the writers strike. It was so funny Kate , Chris and Eric were in it and others from other Law and Orders. I cant remember what it was called though, there was a lady murdered lying on a desk and they were trying to figure out what happened. It was making a point how much they needed the writers.

  2. The 'dialogue' is so hilarious, jojolou.

    I posted this funny strike video back in march:

  3. Oh yes, just looked back and found it. I love Kathryn in it, she's so funny. Thankyou.