Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Nantz posted on her Vinni Vidi Vici blog a short article/poll by Cynthia Nellis August 24, 2011. Why my Kathryn Erbe google alert or other article sources didn’t inform me? Thanks my friend for finding.

POLL: Do dressy shorts work after 45?
Short shorts are appearing on red carpet after 40. Thoughts?

Dressy shorts (shorts worn for more formal events like parties and red carpet events) started popping up last year. There were shorts with tights. Leather shorts. Even lace shorts.
As an alternative to the miniskirt, dressy shorts even seem like a fresh way to dress for events in a way that's young and fresh.

The question: are dressy shorts to young for grown-ups?

At a recent event actress 40-something Kathryn Erbe wore an all-black ensemble with short shorts. And 50-something socialite Helen Lee Schifter wore an all-white shorts look.
Both women undoubtedly have the legs (and overall figure) to wear dressy shorts.

But is this a look that works after 45? Share your thoughts!

Too Old to Wear Dressy Shorts?

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First of all it was/is a very HOT summer in the US plus there is only one answer when looking at the following slide show:

Kathryn looking great in mini skirt and dressy short. Both can be elegant, sportive or casual.


  1. I think Kathryn looks great in shorts, shes definately got the legs for it. Any ideas what the polls say?

  2. Unfortunately no idea what the poll says. I voted twice (at work and at home) but got no results.