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Mother's House - First Screening

News of their homepage and twitter account:

January 28, 2011: We're planning a screening for cast and crew at the historic Rosendale Theatre [408 Main St, Rosendale, NY 12472] on Saturday April 2nd. This cozy, comfy old cinema is a much-loved part of Hudson Valley life and we're delighted to be able to host this "thank you" event for our team right in the heart of Rosendale, NY.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Adopted by a rich family

'Adopted by a rich family'
The 'Law & Order: Criminal Intent' team is happy about its move from NBC to USA.
October 03, 2007|Matea Gold|Times Staff Writer

LA Times

I knew that too funny picture (embedded in the article) of Kathryn and Vincent for a longer time. I really need to see bloppers of CI. Now untapdtreasure also showed me the link to the whole LA Times article.

NEW YORK -- When the cast and crew of "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" found out last spring that their show was being moved from NBC over to its sister cable network USA, the initial reaction was relief that the drama hadn't been canceled -- followed quickly by wariness about the change.

But these days, the team behind the third installment in the "Law & Order" franchise talk about their new home with an optimism long missing from the set of the crime procedural, now entering its seventh season.

" 'Reinvigorated' is a good word," said Warren Leight, the executive producer and show-runner. "Last year was awkward because NBC was going through a lot of changes, and we were not a priority, it's fair to say."

The move to USA, he said, is "like getting adopted by a really rich family."

After experiencing what Leight called "benign neglect" at NBC, USA has showered the program with attention, including a large-scale promotional campaign advertising "Criminal Intent's" premiere Thursday.

"It was nice that they had a really fresh energy toward the show, that they were enthused and inspired, something that we really didn't feel that much over at the network, frankly," said Chris Noth, who plays Det. Mike Logan. "USA has really bent over backward to show us that they care."

Executives at NBC, which plans to air reruns of "Criminal Intent" after episodes premiere on USA, rejected the notion that they gave the series inadequate support.

"NBC has always considered 'Criminal Intent' an important part of our schedule for many years, and we hope that it's a big hit on USA," said Marc Graboff, co-chairman of NBC Entertainment and Universal Media Studios. "By definition, you have to prioritize when you're a broadcast network in a way that cable networks don't."

The move to USA is the latest twist for the youngest of the surviving "Law & Order" shows, which explores the psychology of criminals, often letting the viewers in on their motives before the show's Major Case Squad detectives discover them.

The episodes revolve almost entirely around the investigators, who are in nearly every scene. The pace was so intense for Vincent D'Onofrio, who plays the eccentric Det. Robert Goren, and Kathryn Erbe, who portrays his stoic partner, Det. Alex Eames, that the producers brought Noth on in 2005 to reprise his role from the original "Law & Order" and split the workload.

The drama's unique approach made it a solid player for NBC and sought-after in syndication. But the show, up against "Desperate Housewives" and "The Sopranos" in its early years, often seemed overshadowed.

"The show has never gotten the credit it deserves," said Dick Wolf, creator and executive producer of the franchise. "It's very frustrating over the years for the people who have worked on it."

Producers now hope that the move to cable, rather than marginalizing the program, will help showcase it.

Being part of such a well-known franchise is a "slightly tricky thing," Leight said. "It's both a blessing and -- people don't necessarily distinguish our show from the other two. On USA, we're obviously a priority for them, and our show gets to have its own profile. It feels a little bit like the kid brother finally moving out."

For USA, picking up "Criminal Intent" is a substantial investment, especially at a full 22-episode order, one the top-rated basic cable network made to bolster its standing as a purveyor of original scripted programs. Although USA still relies heavily on World Wrestling Entertainment and repeats in prime time, the network has had success with original shows such as "Monk" and "Psych."

"We're really excited about it, because over the last few years, we've developed a very strong brand based around characters," said Bonnie Hammer, president of USA Network and Sci Fi Channel. "We felt it was an absolutely perfect fit. Even though it came off of NBC, we're looking at it as our baby."

Although USA has been careful not to tinker with the show's formula, executives have encouraged the writers to play up the personalities and back stories of the show's detectives to mesh with the network's "Characters Welcome" branding slogan.

As it happens, Leight had begun experimenting with a more personal tone last year when he took over the program from longtime executive producer Rene Balcer.

"We were acknowledging the existence of their emotional life, and that was a sea change for the show," he said.

This season's first episode deals with the murder of a police officer, a case that forces Eames to dredge up memories of the death of her husband, an undercover officer who was killed during a drug buy. While Erbe had always known it was part of her character's back story, it had not been explored on the show.

"I relish it," the actress said. "I've got years with just the gumshoe story lines, and there's only so far you can go with that stuff."

"It's bringing the humanity to it that's the hard part," added Noth of acting on a procedural. "You can just really feel like any old person can come in and say the lines if they don't address who you are. But that's where I think there's been a change."

This season, Logan, the squad hothead, is forced to adjust his approach when he gets a new partner with her own impulsive tendencies (Alicia Witt, temporarily replacing Julianne Nicholson while she is on maternity leave).

And Goren delves further into his idiosyncratic ways, especially mid-season when he goes undercover in a mental ward. When asked if he still enjoyed playing the oddball detective, D'Onofrio replied, "This year I am."

"I just think we have to stay in the character-driven stuff," he added. "People like the crime stories, but we've got six years of back story behind us. It's so interesting to go a little deeper with it."

Still, it's a direction in which the writers are moving cautiously, aware of Wolf's distaste for story lines that get too personal.

"The worry is: Are you going to veer off into melodrama or soap?" Leight said. "We're not. You will still never see a romance between our lead detectives or anything like that."

Wolf said he's open to the approach.

"I am not the character assassin that people assume I am," he said. "All of the shows work best when there is great storytelling combined with incidents in them that elucidate character."

How many viewers will tune in to "Criminal Intent" in its new home is the big mystery. During its last season on NBC, the program averaged 8.7-million viewers -- which would be a monster audience for USA, whose top-rated show, "Monk," drew 5.5-million viewers this year.

Network executives said they don't know what to expect, but they're hopeful.

"The world is no longer distinguishing between cable and broadcast," Hammer said. "If there's a great show out there, the viewers are going to follow."

There was a time where everyone was happy to more to USA Network. I really hope they give us a wonderful, excited, dangerous, interesting, funny, deep final season 10.

The good thing of that article...

...there are a few more on set of Smile pictures. I love them all and it would be too cool to know why the LA Times decided for the joking picture.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Kickstarter Gift

Finally, at Tuesday I got my Mother’s House kickstarter package with the t-shirt. Even the M size is huge and I’ll change the shirt to a sleeping shirt.

Ingrid was so kind. For my support of the movie, she also added a black envelope with a few selected script pages with corresponding storyboards and screenshot. That is so cool and I’m so thankful. Now I need a good place on a wall to present ;o)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


…a couple of days ago, I detected the third one…someone is addicted to Kathryn’s feet or shoes.

The one of the Hairspray Premiere was the first one I downloaded. Then came the Academy Awards 2010 and again…a picture only of Kathryn’s feet and now the photo of the Life as we know Premiere.

Three pictures, three different sources and photographers plus agencies. What is the plan behind? I’m curious…when will I find the next one?

Foot Fetish



Life as we know it
BlogPhoto by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images North America John Spellman ./Retna Ltd./Corbis

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

3 Backyards release

Three hours ago: 3Backyards twittered:

It's official: 3 Backyards will open 3/11 at NYC's IFC Center via @AddThis

Discover the IFC Center
The IFC Center, the ultimate entertainment space for New Yorkers seeking out the best in independent film, opened in June 2005 in the historic Waverly theater. After a four-year renovation, the new complex features:
  • Five state-of-the-art cinemas with luxurious seating, and High-Def digital and 35mm projection
  • New independent foreign, and documentary features
  • Weekend Classics – Fridays-Sundays at 11AM
  • Waverly Midnights – cult movies Fridays and Saturdays at midnight
  • Short Attention Span Cinema – short films screening before every feature
  • Posteritati Gallery at IFC Center – exhibitions of vintage movie posters from around the globe
  • Organic popcorn with real, natural butter at our concession stand.

I hope there will be a long red carpet at Friday 11th March and Kathryn has time to join the first schedule in a 'normal' theater.

I also want to show you the first article I ever read about 3 Backyards. It was published from TheReel back in November 2008.

Kate Erbe's new film, "Three Backyards"

Award-winning writer/director Eric Mendelsohn has just completed a new film titled “Three Backyards”. Originally titled “Four Backyards”, the film was produced by Mendelsohn’s partner, Rocco Caruso and “Law and Order: Criminal Intent” producer Fred Berner. Edie Falco and Eric Mendelsohn are pictured at left. Fred Berner pictured below.

"Four Backyards" is about real people and real circumstances, Mendelsohn said, and described the story as one where "odd occurrences, seemingly trivial," change characters' perspective about who they are. The setting is an anonymous harbor village and the action takes place in the course of one day.

"I tend to write Long Island stories," Mendelsohn, an Old Bethpage NY native, said. "Four Backyards" would portray life in the suburbs in a way not seen in most mainstream movies".

Now titled “Three Backyards” - it is the story of four inhabitants of the same suburban town over the course of one curious autumn day. The film stars Mendelsohn’s good friend, “The Soprano’s” Edie Falco, Elias Koteas and Embeth Davidtz, and Kathryn Erbe.

The low-budget independent film was produced by Mendelsohn’s film production company, Caruso Mendelsohn Films. Mendelsohn teaches Directing at Columbia University School of the Arts Graduate Film Division.

“Three Backyards” was filmed in Northport and Sag Harbor (Long Island, NY) and Queens NY, August through October 2008. Currently in post production, release expected in 2009.


Kate Erbe appears as “John’s Wife” opposite Elias Koteas and mother to Emily, played by Peyton Roi (pictured below)

Kate’s role -- [JOHN’S WIFE] Late 40’s. She is attractive, slim, long-suffering, and down-to-earth. Though usually able to bear great strain with aplomb, she is at a breaking point in her marriage; she is no longer willing to kowtow to her husband’s brooding silence and has decided to push back to bring things to a head.

100 Drabble - Recover/Recovery

Title: Her duty
Prompt: Recover/Recovery
Characters: Alexandra Eames/Robert Goren
Rating: T
Word Count: 98
A/N 1: Post Siren Call: Very dark and not really fair to Alex. I don’t know why I wrote that down, but that was my first thought to the recovery challenge.
A/N 2: With beta help of gorengal.

It wasn’t his long visits at the hospital that helped her to recover, nor was it the mandatory sessions with Dr. Olivet. It wasn’t her family who did everything to de-stress her, nor her boyfriend who read every wish from her eyes.

As she heard about his mom’s disease and she saw his desperate face, Alex knew she had to come back. There were no more excuses to bemoan her kidnapping and these new fears in the darkness.

At least one partner of the team should bring full power, and after Wiznesky’s suicide Bobby wouldn’t be the one.

Monday, January 24, 2011


Last week I made a big new online research for Kathryn. I got the hint to take a closer look at Of course I knew that pager very well and also this special section with all the cool stuff. But I didn’t visit it for a very long time.

I downloaded this picture a longer while ago (can’t remember when and where). At strangevisitor they also show the article behind the picture. I also would love to know if there are more pictures of this shooting. But I really would love a new photo session with Kathryn, now 10 years later.

The IT List
The 100 Most Creative People in Entertainment

This scan is from the special summer double issue of Entertainment Weekly (June 29 / July 8, 2001; #602/603).

image name

~ page 72 ~

Kathryn Erbe
AGE 34

The petite actress made a big impression as psycho death-row inmate Shirley Bellinger on HBO's Oz. This fall, she'll play bad cop to Vincent D'Onofrio's good cop on the NBC spin-off Law & Order: Criminal Intent. True to form, she makes her partner ride shotgun.

'Cuffing is always anxiety-provoking. The logistics make me nervous.'

'Those people on Friends have made it. It's a good schedule for a working mom.' (Erbe has a 5-year-old daughter with husband and Oz costar Terry Kinney.)

Appearing as a teacher in 1994's D2: The Mighty Ducks. 'I tend not to talk about that, unless the person I'm talking to is under four feet.'

Playing an undercover detective with What about Bob? costar Bill Murray in the indie comedy Speaking of Sex."

I needed to look up Ball-Buster. See what Urban Dictionary told me. [ATTENTION: content M or NC17]

Oi, they always make me laugh and blush.
1. ball buster
In a literal sense, crush or destroy someone's testicles (This would only apply to females if they are transvestites).
3. ball buster
when job or project is very hard it's a ball buster
4. ball buster
a female, usually of the upper class, who is intelligent, beautiful, and very protective of her vaginal region. This makes it hard for males approaching this woman to get their balls played with; hence the term ball buster
5. ball buster
when your girl uses your balls as a punching bag.
6. Ball Buster
A person who milks your nuts dry after having sex.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Castin Call for Season 10

published on youtube by wonderchozen

When Alex can put up with Bobby, we all can ;o)

I love that commercial and I can’t wait of the new season.

Acting Auditions published before a few days casting calls for season 10 of Criminal Intent. Filming for this episode will be in June. We have to watch the reruns a little longer or make our own CI marathons with the DVD boxes. See my boxes in my new bought shelf (Thank you Katja for your Christmas IKEA gift.)

But they should take their time. I want to get an amazing and overwhelming last season.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Mother's House Update

I didn’t make an update post of Mother’s House in a while. They posted three more videos on their YouTube Channel. They managed to fund their kickstarter project with the help of all the backers and there Ingrid Price wrote a little outlook.

Hello, Kickstarters!
So, is the movie done yet?
Not quite. Here's a status update: Malcolm is working on the score, weaving mandolin, clarinet, and piano into a lovely river of sound. Jason is doing color correction, an amazing digital process that enhances Roger's already beautiful cinematography. Not only that, but we've talked him into doing titles as well! And Greg is busy selecting and syncing audio tracks for a rich, multilayered sound edit.
Davis and Ingrid are setting up their Withoutabox account so we'll be ready for festival submissions as soon as we've completed post production. We're also exploring venues for invited screenings, playing with the poster design, and assembling the press kit. All of our fabulous post crew are working on "Mother's House" in addition to their other freelance jobs, so it does take a bit of extra time.
It's a bit like Thanksgiving dinner... we can sure smell that turkey roasting, but it'll be another hour before it hits the table!
I'll leave you with this great shot of Tim, captured by Colleen as he waits...
and waits...
and waits...
for the next set-up.

When you had been a backer let Ingrid set your name on the backers list. She also will link you to your own web page.

And here the new making of videos. Kathryn is visible in Give the Director the Finger: Day 4 of Mother's House for 5 seconds around 1:36. I wasn't sure but her wonderful voice and the slomo confirmed my suspicion.

Mother's House vs. Mother Nature: The Sights and Sounds of Day 5 and Day 6

[Mother's House is a short film starring Tim Guinee and Katherine Erbe. Tim plays as Thomas Ross, a loving husband who recently lost his mother as she passed away. Both he and his wife, Catherine (Erbe), go to his mother's house to dispose of her estate. That's when they discover the secret of mother's house. For nine days, the crew worked day in and day out to make this possible. Now, the crew has to battle mother nature as they face scorching heat and unforgiving rain.]

Give the Director the Finger: Day 4 of Mother's House

[With production getting closer to the halfway point, the crew travel through parts of Rosendale as they shoot one the beginning scenes for the movie, which happens to involve someone giving the director the finger. Also, one of our crew members explains to us how it is in the industry when it comes to gripping.]

A Slice of Fried Gold: The Sights and Sounds from Day 1 of Mother's House

[Witness the sights and sounds of the crew as they work together on the set of Mother's House. This is day one, where everyone gets a feel for each other and adjust to the pace of the project as a lot has to be done. Because of that, the video may seem short, but the next video will have more of the candid moments on the set.]

Thursday, January 20, 2011

...and let some pretty-boy actor come in and stand obediently two steps behind Erbe at all times...

Ken Tucker

book 0

Kissing Bill O'Reilly, Roasting Miss Piggy: 100 Things to Love and Hate About TV

Hardcover: 272 pages
Publisher: St. Martin's Press; First Edition edition (January 13, 2005)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 031233057X
ISBN-13: 978-0312330576
Product Dimensions: 8.3 x 5.8 x 1.1 inches
Shipping Weight: 14.4 ounces

~ pp. 217-220 ~

book 1 book 2 book 3 book 4


The Women of Law & Order: A Lamentation

These poor women. These poor, underutilized women. These poor, and in some cases, untalented women. These poor, some of them talented women.
Okay, Kathryn Erbe on Law & Order: Criminal Intent, she's really good, but she's doomed to exist in the shadow of that eregious ham-bone Vincent D'Onofrio. You suspect S. Epatha Merkerson of the original-flavor L&O is really good because maybe you've seen her in other things, but, let's face it, she was allowed to do more acting as Reba the Mail Lady on Pee-wee's Playhouse than delivering the 3,784th variation on "Go check out this guy" order to Jerry Orbach and whomever he's teamed up with, depending on what rerun you're watching.
But the rest - these women are poorly served by the Law & Order franchise. It's been said that NBC told producer Dick Wolf to oust Dann Florek from L&O in 1993 and replace him with a female boss because the series needed to attract more women. If true, Merkerson certainly deserved the work ... it's just that there's so little of it to do. On the flagship show, it's still pretty much 50 percent track-the-criminals, 50 percent try-'em-and-try-to-fry-'em. That's where the female assistant district attorneys come in. And go. Jill Hennessy (1993-1996) - she had to leave to do Crossing Jordan just to prove that she was a bad actress; Carey Lowell (1996-1998) - I'm thinkin', two seasons? probably very little off-camera chemistry with costar Sam Waterston and the producers, too much chemistry with boyfriend Richard Gere; Angie Harmon (1998-2005) - a good-looking person and a wooden actress; and Elisabeth Röhm (2001-2005) - seems to have been recruited by Wolf on one of his infrequent visits to a farm. Oh, calm down - I mean she looks like a healthy farm girl, nothing worse than that. The only semiregular woman I ever thought did a terrific job on L&O was Carolyn McCormick's tight-jawed psychiatriost Dr. Elizabeth Olivet (1991-1997), but once again, too little face time, too much psychobabble substituting for characterization.
Over on L&O: Special Victims Unit, I'm not including Mariska Hargitay because she's a costar. In fact, by the no-personal-life-details rule of L&Os, we know too much about her character. Michelle Hurd played a detective for two seasons but was shunted aside for Ice T's Fin. The big liability on the series was Stephanie March as A.D.A. Alex Cabot, who could occasionally be substituted with a life-sized cardboard cut-out in a courtroom scene without anyone being the wiser. Match got the most dramatic send-off on any L&O show: in the early episode of 2003, Cabot got involved in a gangland case abd was murdered ... or so we thought. Turns out she was put into the witness protection program. Why? No reason that made sense, other than the fact that maybe the writers thought killing her off was too old-school. She's been supplanted by Diane Neal's Casey Novak, a chipper woman who has yet to display much in the way of canny law sense because we don't see much of her, except when she's placed in a subordinate role, for example, acting behind guest star Marlo Thomas, as Novak's former mentor.
This brings the circle back to Criminal Intent's Erbe, a fine, understated actress with a puckish sense of humour, none of which is initially apparent when her gigantic costar is busy waving his turkey-sized hands around, and bending his broad frame into odd positions to unnerve suspects and unsuspecting viewers. Erbe manages to give her line readings a wry, juuuuust-this-side-of-sarcastic twist, signalling to us that she knows she's being upstaged and doesn't really care for it, but what can she do? She's lucky she made it through her real-life maternity leave and still had her job when she came back. A Law & Order paycheck is a good gig, and Wolf could have thrown her to the wolves. Maybe some year, when contract negociations with D'Onofrio go sour, and with that moody big bastard, you know they will, maybe Dick Wolf will have the guts to fire him, make Erbe the real front-and-center star of the show, and let some pretty-boy actor come in and stand obediently two steps behind Erbe at all times. That would be true justice in this criminal justice system ..."

Source: and amazon.

I laughed very hard about the last two sentences, but there are also other good lines.

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CI 20 in 20 - Round 5

With thanks to...

Tutorials: tiger_tyger, kernelatrox23, ellipsisicons, shadedcolor, bttrfly_kiss
Textures: whitebamboo, tearjerkericons, tiger_tyger

BackBlurCall Me

Category – One Image

Artist's Choice

Plus seven:

Monday, January 17, 2011

Maggie - Tutorial

Go from this…


…to this:


This is my first tutorial. I hope you get what I want to show you. I use Photoshop CS3.
I thank cath from caths_arts for her translation list. I have to use it every time when working with tutorials.

I found this amazing Stir of Echoes Cap a couple of days before. It showed Kathryn Erbe as Maggie Witzky.

01. Open the picture with photoshop.

Maggie Cap

02. The picture is 800 x 534. Because Maggie’s face/hair line looked a little grainy, I resized to 600 x 401.

03. I also didn’t like the grainy green/yellow background. I took the blur tool in a big size and ran over all the places which bothered me.

Step 3

04. To lighten the whole picture a little bit: new layer --> New Adjustment Layer --> Brightness/Contrast: Brightness +20

05. Maggie’s mouth caught me from the first moment. To highlight that area even more, I added a new layer and set it to soft light. Took a soft brush (size 12) and a dark red (6d000a). Over-draw the mouth area. Because even on soft light the red was too much, I took the eraser tool, opacity 50% and in the size (60) of the whole mouth. Push it ONE time on the layer.

Step 5

06. I took these three textures Wallflower 2, Wallflower 4 and Grungy Flowers 4 of for the background. Move them where you like them. I think I resized one of the three, too. Set all three textures to Color Burn 100%.

07. Took the eraser tool and remove the structures over Maggie’s face and hair.

08. To make the little flower in the right corner a little bit more interesting, click again on the mouth layer, took a small brush, the same red or another and set another color focus.

Step 8

09. I took this grunge flower texture of tiger_tyger and place it in the left down corner and set it to soft light. I erased the most of texture, blurred the edges and only let the flower complete my banner.

Step 9

10. Took this icon texture of tiger_tyger and blow it to 600 x 401 before you set it with soft light on top of your layers.

11. Use the eraser tool in a big size and remove the last texture over Maggie’s face and whole body.

Step 11

12. To sharpen Maggie’s face a little, I used the lasso tool, encircled the region and sharpened it (filter --> Sharpen --> Unsharp Mask: 50%; 1,0; 0 ).

13. Last step: the text. The font is called, Bickham Script Pro. I moved the font layer under the texture layers and added Layer Stile --> inner glow --> fee0b0 opacity 75%.

Good Luck and I would love to see your results. Please give credit when using.