Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Nikolai and the Others - Opening Night Reviews

Yesterday was the Opening Night of Nicolai and the Others and Blanca met Kathryn to wish her all the best.
See behind the links a few reviews of the play.

Review: 'Nikolai and the Others' bittersweet drama - Associated Press By JENNIFER FARRAR
The entire cast is excellent. Blair Brown radiates magnetism and warm authority as Stravinsky's wife Vera, a former actress who is also Sudeikin's ex-wife and a leader within the group. Kathryn Erbe gives a spirited portrayal of Natasha Nabokov, Nikolai's cheerful, pragmatic ex-wife.
Famous Russian House Guests, With Plenty of Baggage - The New York Times By BEN BRANTLEY
As Balanchine, we have Michael Cerveris, my favorite of all Sweeney Todds, while Natasha Nabokov, one of Balanchine’s unofficial handmaidens, is played by Kathryn Erbe. Alvin Epstein, a fabled interpreter of Beckett, appears as the painter and set designer Sergey Sudeikin, while Igor Stravinsky and his wife, Vera, are embodied by John Glover and Blair Brown. And if you don’t know who the Stravinskys were — or, for that matter, who Mr. Glover and Ms. Brown are — then “Nikolai and the Others” is probably not for you.
‘Nikolai and the Others’: Theater review - NEW YORK DAILY NEWS by Joe Dziemianowicz
Under the direction of David Cromer, the cast, which includes Blair Brown and Kathryn Erbe, deliver capable work. Designs by Marsha Ginsberg (sets), Jane Greenwood (costumes) and Ken Billington (lights) are all fine.

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