Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Mask of the Jaguar King - Reading

Harbor Theatre to present an invite-only reading of The Mask of The Jaguar King at May 20th, a project written by Stuart Warmflash.

Directed by Bram Lewis, the reading will feature Katherine Erbe ("Law & Order: Criminal Intent") and Ricardo Chavira ("Desperate Housewives"). The event will also have original music by Peter Calo and lighting by Dennis Parichy.
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The Mask of The Jaguar King is a religious mystery pitting the politics of imperialism against the desires of the heart. In 1933, a battle of the sexes breaks out when an American archaeologist finds herself stranded at the site of a Mayan Temple with a dangerous Hispanic revolutionary intent on stealing priceless ancient artifacts. As they slowly unmask each other's dark personal secrets it remains unclear, who is the real outlaw? To whom does history belong? And does the value of preserving the past justify the injustices of the present?

Make your reservation for the 3 pm or 7 pm reading here.

Harbor Theatre
P.W. F. S.
P.O. Box 20934
New York, N.Y. 10025

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