Friday, November 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Tim Guinee

I wanted to publish this short The Good Wife clip for weeks. As I saw this lion answering machine at Andrew Wiley's home I burst out laughing. I really need one for me, too. Today is Tim Guinee's birthday, who played Andrew Wiley and so many many other roles. When you follow his tweets, you read every second week, now heading off to XX shooting XX. I finally got the perfect chance to share the clip with you.

Congratulation Tim and enjoy your day.


  1. I'd completely forgotten about this! I remember rolling on the floor the first time I saw it, though. It was an unexpected quirk for The Good Wife!

    Yes, Tim Guinee is everywhere! He needs a series as a nice guy. I could have whacked him as Gillian's husband on Lie to Me!

  2. I totally forgot that he was also in Lie to Me...doink.

    This season Tim was in CSI: NY and in the last week SVU and also again at The Good Wife. unbelievable how busy this guy is ;o)