Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Random stuff to Mother's House

Christopher Washington posted a new clip of the Mother's House developing process. It's called the lost episode.

It took nine days for the crew to make Mother's House. But before production started, it took a week to turn a regular home in Stone Ridge into Mother's House. In this video, both the production designer and prop master talk about working on the house as well as working on the set.

Special Note:
We had crew members involved in small clips where they thanked those who made donations and helped make this all possible. Make sure to watch this video to the very end to see one of the crew members thank Tender Corp. For donating bug repellent.

The first screening of Mother's House for cast and crew was a big success. Ingrid told me in an email that they filled the Rosendale Theatre completely and had wonderful response.

I didn't know of any more film festivals (beside the Davis Film Festival) yet, but Ingrid said they want to enter Berlin!!! That would be really, really cool to have Kathryn on a big screen. It would be the first time for me.

The kickstarter DVD's of the movie were send a few weeks ago. The whole cover and case were designed simple. A friend was so kind to take two pictures for me.

But there is that gem inside. If you want to talk about Mother's House, please don't hesitate to contact me. I badly need someone for explanations.

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