Wednesday, April 20, 2011

100 Drabble - Flowers + April 20 in 20

Title: Spring Cold
Prompt: Flowers
Characters: Alexandra Eames/Robert Goren
Rating: T
Word Count: 106
A/N 1: Within five weeks it hit me twice: damned cold.
A/N 2: I'll definitely write an extension of that drabble.

A colorful spring bouquet flashed her brain as Alex opened her eyes. But neither the sweet odor of the flowers nor the chicken soup he had brought reached her rheumy nose.

“Are you hungry?” Bobby asked, concerned.

“Not yet.”

“I set the soup on your stove. So you can reheat it later.”

Back at the entrance of Alex's bedroom, Bobby stopped at the frame.His partner is rubbing her chest with ointment. Shyly she buttoned up and turned on her side.

“It’s so cold, Bobby.”

He only hesitated a second before he slipped down the comforter behind Alex and embraced her dry coughing body, sharing his warmth.

Beside my 20 Mother's House icons I also entered two more challenges.

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  1. Drabble + Icons : better than a Easter Egg!
    Bobby is a fantastic nurse, I'm sick and I need him NOW!!! :)

    I love all your icons especially Cholo. Artist's Choice wins my first price.

  2. Oh, soooo sweet. Awwww, nice warm... Need to go snuggle! The icons are fabulous! Wow, you're amazing!

  3. @Potzina: yeah my own dripping nose and coughing inspired that drabble. I'll send Bobby your way now.

    I'm really proud of the Danny icons and the NT AC set.