Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sunny Side Up - USA release April 2012

Unfortunately even after the World Premiere at October 15, I found not much new information about Sunny Side Up.

Here is a 7 months old note of Derek Purvis about the US release:
Saint Aire Productions is a U.S. based Film Finance and Production Company of commercial Independent Films and International Television Content. With over 35 years of combined experience in various components of the film industry, Saint Aire applies a streamlined, market savvy approach to its projects, maximizing production value, revenue’s and ROI timelines. Saint Aire's latest film "SUNNY SIDE UP" starring Parker Posey (Directed by Derek Purvis) has achieved worldwide distribution w/ an April 2012 USA release date. Currently, Saint Aire is facilitating the financing of a 3-Picture State (Sequent Films) - Financing and Producing 2 Disney Features in partnership with Balance Pictures and Rich Correll (creator of Hanna Montana) - Saint Aire has several other titles in various stages of development.
But Kathryn’s movie won the Audience Award at JAX Film Fest: CONGRATULATION.
Moviegoers gave the Audience Award to Christy Cashman's New Age comedy, "Sunny Side Up," starring Cashman and Parker Posey. Cashman, who helped produce "The Kids Are All Right," was in town for the festival, and spoke at the Women in Filmmaking event Sunday.
Plus MetroJacksonville.com published a longer synopsis.
Millie Bartlett farms organic chickens on an island off the coast of Maine that has been in her family for generations. Angelica Feelgoode is an energy and fitness guru to the 'stars'. Millie and Angelica, strangers whose lives could not be more different, meet under improbable circumstances and need each other more than they know.

Millie’s life begins to fall apart when she realizes that she may lose her island unless her chickens can make enough money to pay the taxes. To make matters worse, her marriage is on the rocks after should found her husband wearing her underwear. She is unhappy with everything and blames her troubles on everyone else. Angelica’s star appeal is beginning to fade and her producer has made it clear that unless she can appeal to middle America, her guru days are numbered.

Their journey begins at an Inn where Millie has taken her two sons to break the news that their Dad is leaving home. Angelica, at the Inn to promote her book and TV lifestyle makeover show, spies Millie in a crowd and decides that she is the perfect imperfect person to rescue her career.

The problem is that Millie has no interest in going on TV or in getting a 'lifestyle makeover.' Her best friend Cora [Kathryn Erbe], however, wants to be on TV desperately and convinces her that this is the only way to save her home, her family and herself. For Millie and Angelica, the road ahead is full of surprises when Angelica moves to Chicken Island for 3 weeks to work with her newest 'client'.
Let's cross our fingers that the movie release will really be April next year and that there will be a few more film festivals before. Last week I tried to contact the producers again. Now the mail address didn't work anymore.


  1. lol, her character sounds fame/attention-hungry. It'll nice to see her in a wildly different role than Eames.

    Yeah, surely this will get some kind of release within the next year.

  2. Oh yes, and remembering Kathryn's jeans outfit: I need to watch this movie as well.