Monday, October 17, 2011

Venom my dear NYC and Kathryn connection

With thank to [© Terrence Jennings / Retna, Lt] and my friend venom at Unofficially Kathryn I can show you a few more pictures of Kathryn, her both children and also their two dogs during the 'Get Your Licks on Route 66' event of late September.

Venom was able to talk again with Kathryn (sigh, I'm so happy for him but I also want a chance of this pleasure. Here an extract of their conversation.
...She asked how I was doing, and I asked how it was going there and what she was working on, but to which she said nothing just yet. I suggested Lilah get a show and she said "Yeah, that'd be great, wouldn't it?"
I hope we'll hear very soon about new projects of Kathryn and Lilah [maybe she isn't allow to say something but already negotiating]. Of course, tonight is this ONE NIGHT EVENT: Playwrights Horizons - Dirty Laundry. Also try to catch one of the Mother's House Film Festival screenings. Had been one of you at Jacksonville and watched Sunny Side Up?

P.S. If you didn't already catch it on YT. Here is Kathryn's Message to the Unofficially Kathryn Members made by venom on set of Criminal Intent.


  1. I loved this set of photos. She looked so pretty and glowy in all of them.

    It seems like she's slowly getting herself out there again, acting-wise. It's probably a big adjustment after being on one show for so long. I'm sure she'll turn up in something interesting.

  2. She looks gorgeous in these photo's. So jealous of Venom again. Kathryn is such a great actress, i really hope something comes up soon.

  3. I cross my fingers as well that we'll hear news about coming projects soon.

    I really like the gray shirt.

  4. Aww...I love how she loves dogs. :-) And I am extremely happy for Venom and extremely jealous at the same time! Thanks for sharing these! Hope you are doing well, too! :-)