Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A gold slice of a tree

Maybe you asked yourself (like I did) about Alex Eames' new jewels in Season 10. She carried a big golden ring at her index finger and there was also this golden necklace with the round pendant which was added to Alex's cross.

Kathryn answered in one of the twitter sessions about the jewels:

QUESTION: Kyasurin_Chan
What's up with the new ring on Eames' index finger?
That is an amazing ring from Daphna Simon. Her designs are very organic, yellow gold. It's as if I wore a slice of a tree

In July I caught this tweet of @DaphnaSimon: Kathryn Erbe rocking her very own pair of gold rock hoop earrings by Daphna Simon. Of course I went to Ms Simon's facebook page and found one more confirmation.

Last weekend I remembered that I never posted about my found. Shame on me. But I used the necklace for a short drabble I want to include at the BigBang for tvrealm. Stay tuned, the header I created for the drabble is beautiful.


  1. This is very cool!! Great info! But where did the cross come from? vbeg!

  2. LOL mhm, I think you have a theory about the cross.