Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hannah + Antje + 100

Happy second anniversary, Hannah.

I count 1020 E-mails in my Hannah folder. I think we’re on a good way for more friendship years.

I really hope we’ll meet very soon again. Hugs and kisses from Berlin to Salzburg plus my current 100.


P.S. I knew our anniversary was close but as I checked the exact date yesterday and found out: TODAY, I was a little: UPS.

Title: Alone
Prompt: Set
Characters: Robert Goren
Rating: T
Word Count: 102
A/N 1: Pre The Consoler – Season 10
A/N 2: Remember the press announcement: Jay O. Sanders as Captain Hannah.

He bought the groceries – alone.

Cooked his supper – alone.

Set the table – alone.

Being alone never bothered him when he was on the job. He enjoyed the calm hours after a stressful day: he and a book, he and a paper, he and the radio and with him a good and home-cooked meal.

But now his days were boring. To be a supervisor in a private security company was not stressful. His calm nights became threatening more and more. How much longer until he would create a little stress – for his own?

The phone rang…

“Hey Goren, it’s Hannah. I need you.”


  1. A pre-season 10 drabble! Oh the anticipation! Love that his old friend calls him.
    Poor Bobby all alone. Is Alex all alone too?

  2. Ooooooh ! This post is adorable, havers !

  3. I don't know if Alex is also alone...
    ...maybe, but soon they'll together again.

    Thanks potzina.

  4. Aaaaw! MY VERY OWN DRABBLE! How cute is this! Thank you! Thank you!

    Let's just hope this was no booty call... but then again *g*

  5. Ö wasn't a call from you Hannah. William was calling ;o)

    Oh yes onto the next 1000.

  6. I shall remember not to read drabbles after midnight. I'm just too stoooooooopid!