Thursday, March 31, 2011

Alexandria, Animation, Trailer

All Things Law and Order published the newest Criminal Intent Trailer on their youtube page. This way I'm finally able to embed it here at blog.

Did I mentioned that I love the moment as Alex removed the yellow SoC tape? Or the doubles crossed arms? Alex and Bobby will be back. they really will be back.

If you follow the filming details, you maybe noticed that they finished the filming of Rispetto, yesterday. The Cadaver shooting will begin April, 11th. I hope the whole cast and crew can relax a little during the hiatus so they have full power to film the second half of season 10.

I also finally found the time to animate the amazing elevator b&w to color scene of the second S10 trailer.

And last but not least the next Alexandria chapter is online. Read it at my LJ or on It's so easy. Only follow the link. Half of the story is published and there will be even more exciting chapters.


  1. VERY nice animation! Works out beautifully!

  2. Thank my eyes that was the most fascinating moment of the clip.

  3. Love the animation. You know you're going to have to show me how to do those some day. =)