Friday, March 25, 2011

So many ON SET pictures

3 – 24 – 2011

Rispetto 2

Kathryn and Vincent shot for the fourth day the Criminal Intent episode Rispetto in the streets of New York City…
…and a lot of fans and pros joined them to take much pictures.

First of all, please go to ny_odyssey’s/redwingx LJ and read the long report and watch all the amazing pictures she took.

But you also can click at the next links for much more pictures (most of all of Vincent) and a few words around.

redwingx, gettyimages, buzzfoto, celeb dirty laundry

It’s interesting that ny_odyssey referred to snow in the morning but at the celeb dirty laundry pics Vincent is outside without a coat. The temperatures must have get higher over the day.

I really love Alex’s light blue coat. Her smiling face let me melt.

They come back, they really will come back!

When you can’t do without Alex and Bobby for one more day, maybe read the next chapter of Alexandria, my post Loyalty fanfiction. You can read it at or at my LJ.

Rispetto 1


  1. Thanks for the links, havers.

    Something made me laugh : you left a comment on The Reel for saying you love Kathryn's coat but it wasn't published when I left a comment for saying I love Vincent's coat ! We thought the same thing, not for the same person but we're in the same page :)

  2. Hehehe, we both love their clothes, my friend.

    You're welcome for the link. redwingx report and the pictures were breathtaking.