Thursday, March 24, 2011

200th episode?

I listened to four radio interviews of Vincent in the last couple of days, referring to his new movie: Kill the Irishman.
He also spoke more than once about his current filming of season 10 and being on set of Criminal Intent. But in all these interviews he wasn’t sure if it would be the last season, although there is that official statement that season 10 is the last and final season of that great show.

Of course, we know it’s all about the money. When the quotes are good and I hope they'll be great and USA Network can sell airtime maybe they’ll change their mind.

I won’t hold my breath and want a great season 10 with a decent arc and a lovely say good-bye, but when there would be another eight episode season, Criminal Intent would hit the magical 200 shows mark.

That would be awesome. Here a short clip of Kathryn of the 100th episode event. I would love to see and hear her making interviews promoting the new season, too.


  1. My stomach does flip flops at the possibility of there being a Season 11. Such an emotional roller coaster it's been.
    I recognize that episode Kate is talking about. It's not a natural feeling to have to pull a gun on someone. I can imagine her emotion.

  2. I don't hold my breath for season 11. I want a wonderful season 10 with a decent and open end --> life/cases go on.

    But I confess, I wouldn't be sad if there is another season: hehehe.