Monday, March 21, 2011

Icons and Alexandria

Like I mentioned here I picked up four icon challenges in March. I showed you two of the 20 in 20 sets because they were Kathryn related. Thanks so much for all your kind comments.

Here are links and teaser for the other two icon batches. Maybe you're interested, too:

Vincent D'Onofrio as Cholo (Naked Tango)

Visit all my 20+ icons here @ [info]havers LJ.

Dr. Lisa Cuddy + Dr. Gregory House (House M.D.)

More here @ [info]havers LJ.

I also published the next chapter of Alexandria.

You can find it here or here.


  1. I looooove your Colo's icons ! So hot !!! "Full body", oh god, sweetie, some naughty images are floating through my head now !
    You were very inspired by House and Cudy :) "Camera Shy" & "Paradise" are hilarious. And your panoramas are awesome. Bravo, mademoiselle :)

  2. I always love to read your comments to my icons. Merci.

    It was so thrilling to play with Cholo. I think I'll do a shipper 20 in 20 round next month with him and Alba.

  3. The second one of "Cholo" is fantastic!

  4. Love the first Cholo icon! Great crop & pic!

  5. @T'Jara: if I could only find a dancer like Cholo --> perfection.

  6. If only I could find Cholo. Perfection ;-)