Wednesday, December 1, 2010

F-List Advent Calendar - Day One

Last week I capped Brother's Keepers and one cap stole my breath for many minutes. I showed it my girls and we all got a little crazy. Suzanne asked me to use the cap at Monday, so I have to post her Advent Calendar Wicket as number ONE.

I hope you enjoy your gift, my friend.


  1. It's too late, you're going to have to call the CORONER now!!! I'm breathless. Thank you, my friend, you made my hmmm, midnight here... I think there is no doubt you made my day!!!

  2. I think I'm really going to like this advent calendar. I'm having trouble leaving this blog page.... I'm sure glad it repeats over and over.

  3. Mmhhmmm. Suddenly I feel like mountain climbing.

  4. Stunning!! Jaw-dropping!! Definitely disorienting!!

    Thanks, Antje!

    P.S. LOL, Bev! Love your comment!!

  5. *gasp*
    Hey, early Christmas present, huh?

    And I want to point out that I NEVER commented on the original cap. *gg* (but not because I didn't want to !!! )

  6. *THUD*

    On the floor...can't get up...forget Bobby for me!!!

  7. Mountain Climbing...too funny.

    This little sequence weaken me, too. Who should I help all of you to leave the floor again?

  8. Tja Matze, da kann ich dir auch nicht helfen...muss man wohl ne Frau für sein ;o)