Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Arresting Beauties

The women of NBC’s Law & Order series are breaking the rules of fashion – creating their own unique style on and off the set with stunning clothing and jewelry.

L&O Beauties 1

 L&O Beauties 2

I downloaded these two pictures back in 2007. I was interested in the article and even more pictures, but never made a research.

Last week I asked the internet. I found this little hint on what about u?.

Skin Inc. magazine Information | News | Pevonia Highlighted in W ...
Based on an exclusive partnership with NBC, the magazine profiled some of television’s hottest talent where ?Arresting Beauty? actresses Amy Carlson, Kathryn Erbe and Annie Parisse donned...

I followed the link to skininc.com. That must be the magazine which published the article. I tried the search function but they didn’t list something of Kathryn, Amy Carlson or Annie Parisse. I also browsed the online archive of SkinInc. It reached back until 2006. But on first view I couldn’t find a fitting article. I looked at imdb for Amy Carlson and when she was a L&O beauty. I couldn’t remember her in the Mothership. But she was in Trial by Jury, a show I never was able to watch. It was aired in 2006. So the time frame isn’t that big. The article must be established around this time.

I want to ask you. Did you know the article? Do you have the magazine at home? Are there more pictures of Kathryn in jewelry? Belongs the second one really to this shooting? Let me know. I would love to see and read more.


  1. Oh, my! I hardly recognized Kathryn! Love the jewellry - Love Eames more! Thanks for sharing this havers - it's fun to see.

  2. This is also not my favorite style of Kathryn (the hair is too much) but I love that she got the chance to do this shooting.

    I'll contact the the magazine. Maybe they have more information for me.

  3. I didn't know that! I prefer Kathryn without make-up because I think she's a natural beauty. It's just my opinion. Thanks for sharing, havers.

  4. @potzina: I totally agree. Kathryn with less makeup is perfect. It is interesting to see her so styled up but I also prefer her natural.