Friday, December 3, 2010

100 Drabble - Stamps & Cards

Title: I’ll be around
Prompt: Stamps & Cards
Characters: Alexandra Eames/Robert Goren
Rating: K
Word Count: 101
A/N: Really close to my current Loyalty project. I can’t wait to finish this.

I’m on my way home…back to New York…back to you.

Only a few words, but such important ones. I turned the postcard and saw the Prague skyline. I placed it with the other cards and letters I got over the last year.

After November was that subliminal, hurting silence. I had much to do. A new job, new duties, new accountability. Two months passed without a sign.

Then the letters started arriving: short notes on postcards from places I'll never see, long letters describing his thoughts and feelings.

And now he’s coming back.

A knock on the door – could it be now...?


  1. lovely! suspenseful promises!!!!

  2. I got a real sense of mystery and longing reading this. Anticipate more.

  3. Hey Bev, it can't last that long to finish my big Post Loyalty story...crossing my fingers. I started to write the forelast scene this week so just one more chapter + the Epilogue and I'm done...

    ...I hope I'm ready with everything before the new CI season will start.

  4. Ohhhh!!! My little shipper friend, you just put a smile on my face!!!