Saturday, December 11, 2010

F-List Advent Calendar - Day Eleven

Hey Bev,

I really adore the small Vincent puzzles you gave us every week. Maybe you want to spend a few more moments solving a case. Have fun.

level of difficulty: middle
level of difficulty: hard

Attention: don’t leave the page/reload it or you have to start from the beginning.


  1. That was hard! and that was the middle one. I'll have to use this link for my blog. Always looking for new fun things to add.
    Have a great weekend Antje.

    btw- I couldn't get the hard one to load.

  2. Oh sorry, Bev. I fixed the link. But my PC is so slow today. I don't know if it worked.

  3. It was crazy trying to remember that picture from the last time i saw it! cool puzzle! thanks!

  4. Very difficult but funny. Thanks!