Sunday, December 5, 2010

F-List Calendar - Day Five

Day five for Larissa.

I was afraid that you would make such a .gif before I could show you mine.

Mother’s House will be awesome. I can’t wait to watch the movie.

I read your wish list, yesterday. You’re looking for new tv shows. Here are two links to Inspector Lynley Mysteries. Lynley & Havers - Funniest scenes from 'One Guilty Deed' Lynley & Havers - Best scenes from 'A Traitor To Memory' But I recommend you warmly first to read the Elizabeth George novels before starting to watch the bbc show. I also like Lie to Me. The second season has great episodes. Germany started to air Mad Men a few weeks ago. It’s really strange but also different and cool.


  1. alles auf zdf neo ,Lie to me
    mag ich nicht .
    nach Bobby muß da schon was besseres kommen .
    haha ;-)

  2. I never got into Madmen, haven't seen a single episode. It's recieved quite the reviews. Wish I would have watched it now.