Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Vincent talked about Kathryn at the Sarasota Film Festival

I think a lot of you watched the amazing interview parts of Vincent at the Sarasota Film Festival on BobbyG's My Big Fat Freakin' Life Blog.

I asked her if I could publish the part as Vincent talked about Kathryn and she agreed. Visit BobbyG's blog and watch the other interview sections.

So here again:

I love that he called her a friend.


  1. Am so glad you enjoyed this interview and more people will get to see it here at your lovely blog devoted to Kathryn. By the way, thanks for the "shout out" about my blog.

  2. echt nett !
    "you know" ,
    Bobby ist unglaublich unsicher und scheu , erstaunlich .
    netter Post .

  3. Thanks again BobbyG for the allowance and the linking to your blog was the least I could do.

    @rennschnecke: du siehst da ja auch Vincent und der ist sehr scheu. Das ist nichts Ungewöhnliches. ;o)

  4. thanks, antje! I got to watch it. It kind of disappointed me a little though. He had more upbeat things to say about Jeff than his partner for 8 straight years, but I guess that is probably because Kathryn is a very quiet person that doesn't put a lot of her personal self out there so he respected that. So that makes me respect him. Thanks for linking me! I loved it ♥