Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cross-Check: successful

Second part ‘real meeting of Hannah and me’: successful

It felt unreal that Hannah would visit me in Berlin until I saw her coming out of the sliding door of Tegel Airport – with 30 minutes late arrival. I knew she would come for sure (no travel cancelation insurance) over a month and we wrote little countdowns in our email headers, anyway unreal.

But my brain switched and than we acted like last summer as I had been in Salzburg. We chat and talked and chat and talked on the whole way at home and the whole time until she left today through the security area.

Because the touch down wasn’t that nice and the weather really warm I decided to show Hannah my closer surrounding and neighborhood. We walked to the big water tower – Prenzlauer Berg’s landmark, the big synagogue of Rieke Straße, through Kollwitzstraße and Oderberger Str. Then I showed her the last pieces of the Berlin wall (yes, we climbed on that high tower for a better view) and at least we relaxed a little in the new Nordbahnhof Park. We both jumped on the trampoline. Don’t do that without shoes. It hurt.

The next day was full of Berlin main sight seeing. (Alexanderplatz, Berlin Dom (oh yes, we also entered its cupola), Government quarter, Brandenburger Gate, Holocaust memorial, Potzdamer Platz (yumyum with delicious ice cream and waiters with tie clips…snicker), Oranienburger Straße and Hackischer Markt.)

The big new free field of Tempelhof Airport we entered the next day. Dear, those were very big dimensions.

On Sunday we walked through the Gardens of the world in Marzan. I really like that area and Hannah took lots of flower pictures.

The last day we used for a visit of the big park around Castle Charlottenburg and on our way back we took the 200 double-decker bus and made a second and more comfortable sight seeing tour.

So maybe now you ask yourself what we did in the nights after so much walking (I had pressure Hannah to stay a few weeks longer. I lost three pounds since last Sunday. This way I would reach the weight I had planned for NYC a little easier.) We watched Criminal Intent…but just here a scene and there a scene, but we discovered things we never saw before. We looked at so many Vincent pictures. We checked out Gramercy Park on google maps. Hannah helped me with computer problems we solved in the end…jippy. She checked a little drabble for me (see below). I was inspired of a chat we had over the day. We fought ;o) Thank you so much, the chapter looks wonderful now. We found a new goof in Graansha and we found that hilarious article as we wanted to find the office of the Major Case Commander (is it really 11 floor?)

Thief enters NYPD's One Police Plaza headquarters, makes off with computers and phones

New York City police say a man is under arrest for entering their highly secured headquarters and stealing laptops and cell phones.

Police say the 30-year-old man entered One Police Plaza shortly before noon Tuesday. They say he stole two laptops and seven phones from one location.
He was later spotted outside the building and arrested.

Jermaine Sweet of Brooklyn was charged with burglary. The name of his attorney was not immediately on record.

There are so many new pictures of Kathryn at the Mother's House filming. I'll made an update tomorrow or maybe tonight.

Title: My asexual partner
Prompt: Touch
Characters: Alexandra Eames/Robert Goren
Rating: T
Word Count: 196
Summery: Bobby is too late and discovered Alex in a for him complete new situation.
A/N 1: With thinking about Bobby’s reaction in Unrequited to Alex’s NOT staying home and knitting.

Bobby was running late – 30 minutes. But he couldn’t just hang up the receiver before…before Frances had been pacified and her chaotic world had been stabilized a little.

Turning around the corner – Bobby stopped abruptly. In front of him, a familiar white car came to a halt…Eames’ Honda.

The passenger’s door flew open, but before the attractive man left to head to the next subway station, he leaned toward Eames, laid his arm around her shoulders and kissed her long and passionately.


Only when the morning coffee cup popped up into Bobby’s field of vision, he lifted his eyes from his paperwork for a second and welcomed his partner with a murmur. “M…morning.”

“Good morning, Bobby,” Alex replied in a good spirits, but instantly noted that something was wrong.


“I…I saw you with…with?”

Alex raised her eyebrows in a frown.

“In your car.”

“Ah, Steve…I told you about him.” Alex smiled.

“I know, but…” Bobby’s eyes wandered from Alex’s face down her petite body and back to her eyes. “…I didn’t need to see it.” He shook his head. “Eames, my asexual partner.”

“Right, it’s like imagining your siblings having sex,” she snickers. “Urg.”


  1. ((Hugs)) Cause words cannot describe my feelings.

  2. yesterday they showed todesfalle I\10
    so i saw Bobby´s former girlfriend .
    ( very hot lady btw )
    Alex is not Bobby´s typ ,
    they will only be friends !!

  3. Hugs back my friend.

    @rennschnecke: even if I write here and there just friendship stuff between Bobby and Alex, I'll be a die hard shipper my life long ;o)

  4. if i find someday a good German written shippers story .
    i will read !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I'm so glad you and Hannah had such a fun visit!

    This drabble is the first one I've seen written by you that isn't shippy! I enjoyed it, even though I know in your heart you will always see them together!

  6. @Susan: oh yes, my heart always will burn for Alex and Bobby, but this wasn't my first 'friedship' story. I wrote a few, but not much ;o)