Saturday, August 21, 2010

The real Smile of Siren Call

Last Tuesday I watched Siren Call again. I didn’t watched this episode in over one year, but that Brooke Shields was called ‘the Smile’ I remembered.

I discovered something new. Did you ever see that smile of Alex?

I think I caught it for the first time and started to wonder. The smile looked like a ‘hey, nice to see you’ smile. It looked like Alex and Bobby meet for the first time at Ashley’s crime scene. But we all know that is wrong. Bobby picked Alex from Dr. Olivet and delivered the car keys (still one of my favored CI moments).

Therefore I talked with friends about that smiling. I love what Susan and Suzanne thought:

Susan: Maybe it's a nervous smile, as this is her first dead body since Blindspot. Maybe she's telling him, "I'm alright, I think. Glad you're here though."

Suzanne: Oh, yes, that smile. It's very unusual. Really genuine smile initially and then melts to professional. It's like she looks at him first with the big smile. Too sweet. Definitely shows she might not be quite ready to go back to work because of the bodies - *but happy to be with him* - that feeds on from her earlier comment about not getting better sitting at home.

And I agree, when you watch the whole scene you can see that Alex feels not that comfortable like usual. Her face as Bobby moved Ashley’s head toward Alex…amazing and brilliant played.

What do you think about that SMILE?


  1. I know I'm going to be much too simple...but to me, when she smiles at him, it's as if she is saying (quite sincerely!)..."I've missed you. It's good to be back." :)

  2. Yeah, I thought she said "Dang, it's good to be back!"

  3. das war eine Beschwichtigungsgeste ,
    das galt der Sitation nicht
    Bobby persönlich !
    Eames macht das öfter ,
    Bobby nicht so oft
    er ist ja auch ein "harter "Junge .

  4. Such a rare, genuine smile, unlike her usual smirk which accompanies a well-aimed snark. Thank's for the micro-focus!