Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Major Case Caching


This is my current fanfiction I worked on over Winter and Spring 2010.

Title: Major Case Caching
Characters: Alexandra Eames/Robert Goren
Rating: T to M
Word Count: around 10300

Synopsis: Bobby and Alex are on a geocaching hunt in Harriman State Park as Alex had a little accident. The both have to spend the night together in a little fishing hut on a calm lake. – Post season four story with a lot of references of single episodes.

A/N: This is finally my Geocaching project. I love that hobby. I had that idea – Bobby and Alex on a treasure hunt in my head for over one year. Now I finally finished the story, the story I fought the most. I don't know why it last forever to write these lines? I hope you'll like it.

You can find an interactive version with a few more pictures and links to the named geocaches at my Livejournal or the simple plain text on


  1. very good picture ,
    ( all things made with much love )
    true fans !

  2. I'm really enjoying this story! More please!

  3. @Susan: This story is finished my friend but Hannah helped me so much with a big problem of my current project. I have a lot of new ideas. I know you'll like this story, too.