Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mother's House - on set pictures

I think this will be the last update about the Filming of Mother’s House. The whole on set working ended Monday (August 9th). I’m really curious about the post production and if we every will see the movie.

  • August 10, 2010: Wrapped already? Yes, we are. And we've got lots of photos and stories from the set still to post!
  • Here actor Eddie Schweighardt shows director Davis Hall how a real pro handles a tire swing stunt. Eddie seems totally unimpressed with Davis' style... but both of them had a great time fooling around while the camera department set up the shot.
  • August 3, 2010: If we can sum up day four of shooting in three words, it would be this: apple.....cider....donuts. That's right ladies and gentlemen, apple cider donuts were the talk of the day as we shot our car scenes in the towns of Stone Ridge and Rosendale. When we made a pit stop at Davenport Farms, we fell victim to the delicious taste of their donuts. Crew members were nearly fighting each other just to get a piece. But we eventually managed to concentrate on finishing the shoot for today.
  • We're nearly halfway done, but there are questions yet to be answered. Will Tim continue to intrigue us with more surprising facts about himself? Will Kathryn's run in with a skateboarder affect her psyche for the rest of the project? And will young Eddie steal the show as he continues to wow us with his energetic personality? All these mysteries will be solved as we continue shooting Mother's House.
(story by Christopher Washington)

The Mother’s House people posted much pictures of the filming on their facebook page.

They also linked to Colleen Lynch, the set photographer and Cedar Hill Photography. She took several wonderful images. Please visit her site. Here are the ones I found from Kathryn (with thank to Nantz. I couldn’t find all pictures you blogged.).

 Mother’s House 05
Mhm, Kathryn's legs in a very short skirt.

 Mother’s House 04
What a smile!

 Mother’s House 10

 Mother’s House 09

 Mother’s House 08

 Mother’s House 16

 Mother’s House 06

 Mother’s House 07
So young!

 Mother’s House 12

 Mother’s House 13

 Mother’s House 14

Mother’s House 11

I wrote Colleen Lynch if there will be more pictures on her web page and she will add more pictures of the Mother’s House filming very soon. I can’t wait for them.

All information and photos belong to Peak Road Production, the Mother's House film crew and Colleen Lynch (But I foresee a new banner for my Kathryn blog – last picture).


  1. the picture with the whole staff
    is very good ;-)

  2. Check facebook and Ms. Lynch page there are much more staff pictures.

  3. Oh yes she did, Susan...Kathryn is a beauty.